PPSC Excise & Taxation Inspector Interview Questions 26 November 2018 Faisalabad

 Interview Questions 26 November 2018 Faisalabad

1.introduce your self briefly 
2. waht is 100 roza paln govt
3.are you satisfied by govt 100 roza plan
4.location of kartarpur border in pakistan 
5.is a good step by govt open kartarpur border
5.current GDp rate in pakistan 
6.briefly discuss about election 1937
6.breifly discuss about pakistan objectives revaluation 
7 .berifly discuss about pak economy 
8.when bahawalpur inculaded
In pakistan 
9. brefily discuss current soutation Baluchistan 
10. mian imports and exports of pakistan 
11. discuss in details emports and exports 
12. name 5 famous city Baluchistan 
13. what is GDP
14. how can measure GDP
15. famous food Baluchistan 
16. famous food sindh 
17. which event took palce in 1938
18. what is balance of payment
19. assets and liabilities 
20. waht is tax
21. income tax
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