PPSC Junior Clerk BPS-11 Paper | 18 November 2018 | Punjab Police Department | Solved MCQs

PPSC Test MCQs Paper | 18 November 2018 | Punjab Police Department | Punjab Public Service Commission | Written Test For Recruitment to the Posts of Junior Clerk BS-11.

1. What is the synonym of Disparate? Different

2. Which is the largest desert in the world? Sahara Desert

3. Molasses is a byproduct of _____ factory. Sugar

4. Hijaz mountains are found in: Saudi Arabia

5."Quick Time" is a ___. Media Player

6. "Attan" is a traditional dance. It is popular in which of the following cultures? Pashtun Culture

7. The first census of Pakistan took place in: 1951

8. Choose the correct preposition in the following sentence: " Employers are busy people and they do
not have time to wade _____ a thirty page resume".

9. What category of functions is used in this formula? =PMT {C10/12,C5,C9,1} Financial function
10. Which country is located at the North of the Arabian Sea? Iran and Pakistan (Both A&B)

11. In MS Word 2007, to select the previous cell's contents, press: SHIFT+TAB

12. Which of the following is not a PowerPoint view? Slide show view (correct- Slide Sorter View)

13. Who was Zaid bin Haris?

14. How many feathers are fixed in the base shuttlecock with respect to badminton game? 16

15. Which of the following has the status of an observe state of the United Nations?

16. Ashkhabad is the capital of: Turkmenistan

17. When was Quaid-e-Azam elected as the President of the First Constituent Assembly?

18. A car salesman sells 42 red cars and 14 green cars. What is the ratio of red cars to green cars sold? 3:1

19. In word processing, what does an I-beam facilities?

20. Who was the dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945? 
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