SPSC Medical Officer / Women Medical Officer BPS-17 Test Paper | 09 December 2018

Sindh Punjab Service Commission, Hyderabad. Pre-Interview written test for the post of Medical Officer / Women Officer BPS-17 Under Health Department, Government of Sindh. Held on 09 December, 2018 (03: 10 PM to 04: 40 PM)
SOLVED MCQs (Question & Answers) 

12. Virchow lymph node is located in: Left supraclavicular space

13. Normal Fetal heart rate is : 110 - 150 bpm
14. Which specimen do you take for the recovery of Philadelphia chromoasome? Stomach
15. Glans penis drain into: Deep inguinal lymph node
16. Recommended cut in Episiotomy is: Mediolateral
17. Post mortem examination of a case of Fulminating cholrea enteritis would most likely reveal: No specific change

18. Pine is a : Tree
19. "# Me Too" is a movement against: H'arassment of Women
20. The Birth place of Lord Buddha is: Lumbini
21. Shaikh Ayaz, the prominent poet, author and drama writer was awarded _______by the President of Pakistan. Sitara-e-Imtiaz   

22. A patient with small pox infection is infectious until: All crust have fall off  

23. Which of the following drug should not be given in patients with bleeding disorders: Aspirin
24. Massive proteinuria is most likely to occur with: Constrictive pericarditis
25. The most common cause of enlarged cardiac shadow on x-ray in children is: Rheumatic carditis
26. Child hood tumor include: Nephroblastoma
27. Keyser Feisher Ring: Seen in Wilson disease
28. Following Anti Tuberculosis drug is toxic to eyes: Ehatambutol
29. The pouch of Douglas is the space formed at the following site: Recto-uterine
30. Inability to perform alternating movements of hand is called as: Dysdiadochokinesia
31. A new born infant is brought at EPI centre at a BHU, in accordance to EPI schedule, which of the following vaccines are recommended at birth? Polio and BCG

32. Fluid replacement during first 12 hours in a burn patient weighing 60 kg and having 40% burn is: 3600
33. In the Mantoux test following cells participate: Macrophages   

34. Derivative of Mullerian duct include all except: Ductus deference
35. A radiologist want to inject a dye into the liver for the diagnostic purpose into which of the
following should he inject? Liagamentumteres
36. Lymphatic drainage of carcinoma of ovary goes into: Para Aortic
37. Rosette formation is characteristics of: Retinblastoma
38. Which country has 27 stars on its flag? Brazil
39. In Hajj, stoning the Devil, is called: Ramee

40. The Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur is located in: Narowal
41. Literal meaning of Moenjo Daro is: Mound of dead
42. Breast-feeding is contraindicated with: Maternal Active HIV
43. Radiological finding in Rheumatoid Arthritis include: Bony spikes
44. Which of the following stone does not cast shadow in plain X-ray? Urate
45. Sepsis, Chemosis and proptosis following an ENT injection suggests: Cavemous sinus thromboxis 

46. The growth factor that influences regeneration is: Epidermal growth factor
47. In the event of cord around the neck at the time of delivery following should be done: Cut between clamps
48. Indomethacin is used in neonates for closure of: Ductussarteriosus
49. Normal serum potassium levels are: 3.5 - 5.5 mcq/L
50. Break down of Haemoglobin takes place in: Reticuloendothelial system
51. Kyphosis and scoliosis occur in school children with the use of: Plus desk
52. The most readily absorbed oral cardiac glycoside is: Digoxin
53. Best drug to control Fits in pregnant lady is: Methotrexate

54. Following are the derivative of Ectoderm except: Spinal canal
55. In X-ray pelvimetary, the inlet shows Transverse diameter is more than anterior Posterior diameter. The most common type of pelvis is: Gynaecoid
56. Triangle of Hessel Bach is the area for the following Hernia: Direct Inguinal

57. Signet ring cell are characteristics of: Hypernephroma
58. Where is the Headquarter of Shanghai Cooperation Organization? Beijing

59. European Union's working capital is in: Brussels
60. Which is the seventh month of Islamic year? Rajab
61. The first Pakistan Cricketer to score a double century in One Day International? Fakhar Zaman
62. Cynosis of tetralogy of Fallot is mainly due to: Pulmpnary stenosis
63. During Emergency, trachcostomy done in between following cartilage: 2nd
64. In Myositis ossificans the muscle affected usually is: Biceps Brachil
65. Colicky abdominal pain, Early onset of vomiting, Palpable mass and bleeding per rectum in a child most strongly suggest: Intussusception   

66. A lymph node biopsy from neck region shows Reed Sternberg's cell. What is the diagnosis? Hodgkin Lymphoma
67. Colour code of Nitrous Oxide cylinders used in anaesthesia is: Blue
68. Two days old baby on breast-feed develops jaundice. Serumbilibuin is 9mg% Direct is 8mg%. Most likely cause is: Dubin - Johnson syndrome
69. The antidote for digoxin poisoning is: Potassium
70. The most important cause of Edema in nephrotic syndrome is: Hypoprotrinemia
71. Error

72. Which of the following antobiotics is toxic to cochiea: Kanamycin
73. Interititial Keratitis is common in: Congenital syphilis
74. Epithelium on the surface of ovary is: Simple coloumnar   

75. In carcinoma of head of pancrease which structure gives rise to sign and symptoms of pain and pressure: Carcinoma bile duct
76. A 64 year old male is presented with dry eyes. Which gaglion is most likely to be effected? Pterygopalatine

77. The most spontaneous cause of Pnenumothorax is: Ruptured pulmonary bleb or Pleural tear.

78. Which of the following Adriatic state is a landlocked country? Serbia

79. SADHU BELO is located in District: Sukkur

80. ^#$%
 is word of language: None of these

After the merger in Khyber Pakhtonkhua, former areas of FATA will have _______ is KPK assembly: 21
82. What was the old name of Sri Lanka: Ceylon 
83. Complications of Measles include: All of these
84. A 20 years old woman presented with right sided severe pain radiating to shoulder tip, she had a history of two months Amenorrhea. Most likely cause is: Ruptured Ectopic
85. Direct inguinal hernia is: Medial to inferior epigastric artery

86. A 37 year old patient presented in ER, BP is 80/40 mmHg, Pulse 144 b/minute. The most likely cause of shock is: Hypovolumic
87. Coarction of aorta is associated with one of the following syndrome: Turner   

88. CAPLAN syndrome is commonly seen in: Coal worker
89. A mother brings her four year old child to a doctor with a complaint of intense peri itching. Despite being fed properly, he had not gained weight for the last few months. The likely condition is: Entrobiasis
90. A biologically false positive reaction to syphilis is most likely to occur in: Malaria       
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