Assistant Director MIS FBR FPSC Paper |12th January 2019

Assistant Director MIS  FPSC today solved paper held on 12th January 2019 02:00 PM.

1. The chair brought the house in ______, confirmed that the _____was obtained and _____the meeting.
(A) order, quorum, opened (B) quorum, order, convened (C) quorum, order , obtained (D) None of these

2. Neither of jars ____missing the lid .
(A) is (B) are (C) was (D) None of these

3. The children _____we lover dearly had better education. Whom 
(A) who (B) Whom (C) is  (D) None of these

4. I would receive interview call, if ________
(A) I  applied on time (B) I had applied on time (C) I would have applied on time (D) None of these

Windows services can be found in _____
(A) Control Panel (B) System Tools (C) Administrative tools (D) None of the above.

Select into clause reads only  _____ .
(A) one record (B) two records (C) Many records (D) None of thsese

Reading character from is managed by ____?
(A) getch () (B) fgets()

Which library is required for using printf()
(A) stdio.h (B) conio.h (C) Studio.h

Form is popup by using which command in Visual Basic ?

Data Control can be placed in VB Module ?
(A) VB Data reporting (B) VB Forms

An array is declared in VB as ?

Network layer concerns with
(A) Bits (B) Frames (C) Packets (D) None of these

Elm is used for what ?

Elm uses an abstraction called ports to communicate with JavaScript

Foreign key contain
(A) Not Null (B) Unique (C) not null and unique key

Chmod is used for ? Setting file permission

CMD command is used in ? DOS

Our School Principal gave _____and ______ tickets for exhibition in Islamabad.
(A) Ali and Me  (B) Ali and I  (C) Ali and Myself (D) None of these

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i need MIS officer related prepration meterial for fpsc


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