SBP YPIP OG-2 IBP Paper 7th Batch | English Portion

Officer Grade-2 (OG-2) under Young Professionals Induction Program (YPIP) - 7th Batch at State Bank of Pakistan, Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC) held on 12th Nov, 2017.


1. Comprehensive: exhaustive
2. Monotonous: boring
3. Mitigate: allay
4. Expeditious: rapid


1. Convoluted: simple
2. Eloquent: ineffective
3. Captious: laudatory
4. Destitute: affluent
5. Flamboyant: modest


1. Jump the gun: to do something too soon without thinking carefully
2. By leaps and bounds: very quickly
3. Fight shy of: to try to avoid something
4. The Calm before the storm: a peaceful period before a period of great activity
5. Plain speaking: saying clearly and frankly without trying to be polite
6. Fight tooth and nail: to try very hard to get something you want
7. To coin a phrase: something that is before using an expression that has been very
8. In so many words: impression that makes it very clear that what it meant
9. Best thing since the sliced bread: to be an excellent person or thing

Meaning of words

1. Prudent: careful and avoiding risks
2. Salutary: causing improvement of behavior
3. Temerity: a willingness to do or say something that shocks or upsets other people
4. Exculpate: to remove blame from someone
5. Foster: to take care of a child without being the child's legal parent
6. Devout: believing strongly in a religion and obeying all its rules or principles
7. Dulcet: sounds are soft and pleasant to listen to
8. Astute: able to understand a situation quickly and see how to take advantage of it
9. Concede: to admit something true first denying it
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