FPSC Patrol Officer (BS-14) 29th April 2019 Batch 3 | Original Paper

FPSC Patrol officer batch 3 held on (29/4/2019)  

1- Who is the head of Al-Qaida (Current Leader)?

2- Which state has greater GDP?
Nigeria, South Africa

3- Which state is not part of NATO?
Austria, France, Turkey

4- When Yousuf Raza Gilani became prime minister?
(25 March 2008)

5- Who was prime minister when first martial law imposed or declared (date)?

6- Who is the chief justice of IHC?

7- First ashra of ramzan?
Rehmat, Barkat, Astagfar

8- 24th amendment in 1973 constitution?
Extend of NAB, FATA-KP merger

9- Hajr-e-Aswad is?
Red stone, Black stone, White Stone

10- Muhammad (PBUH) sacrificed how many camels at the time of hajj?
63, 73, 83

11-When hajj became obligatory?
9 hijri

12-How many types of hajj?

13- Total Faraiz of Hajj ?

14- Taraweeh meaning ?

15- What is the meaning of sa'am?
To stop, To run

16- What is the meaning of Tarawa?

17- When British started ruling sub continent?

18- British control india in which year?

19- Last British act in Hindustan?

20- Which act provided provincial autonomy during British era?
(Q:In which British Act power transferred to Province)

21- Hexa decimal no have base? 16

22 -How many times sun bigger then earth?

23- Watery planet? Earth

24- Which planet is known as Evening planet? Venus

25- Which state is trying to control on the Tajikistan's airport? China, India, USA

26- RAM is also called? Primary memory, Real memory

27- RAM is sub divided into? Registers, Sectors

28- literacy rate of sri lanka? 92%

29- Who is the current Chief justice Islamabad high court? Athar MinAllah

30- Muammar Gaddafi died in which city of Libya? Sirte, Libya

31- MAO School founded in which year? 1875

32- Earth Orbit Line is ......? Elliptical

33- Adjustment of Seats in Parliament after Census of 2017

34- Which is the third largest planet? Uranus

35- Angela Merkel selected as chancellor for ____? 4th

36- Orange Revolution took place in which Country? Ukraine

37- In Trump administration how many countries banned for USA Travel? 7

38- Which country wants to control Kazhkastan Air bases

39- Richest country of Africa in 2019? Nigeria

40- Author of Book “Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within?

41- Muammr Qaddafi Killed near which city?

42- When Pakistan Leave SEATO?

43- Mazddalfa is between???

44- Manasik-e-Hajj ??

45- Fast(Saum) Means??

46- Date of first dismissal of benazir government?

47- Benazir first regime was overthrown in 6 August 1990.

48- Why Nuclear supplier Group made?

49- Farest palent from sun?

50- Nearest plant to sun?

51- Temprature at surface of sun

52- Who was the second to observe sun spots after ibn-Zubir?

53- What name is given to the path of sun amongest the star in our glaxy?

54- Sun is celestial body

55- It only takes 88 days for Mercury to orbit around the sun. No other planet travels 
around the sun faster.

56- Earth ranks 5 in terms of size

57- Largest Planet: Jupiter

58- 5% is 10 what is the number?

59- All planets have lesser diameter then earth expect (Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus)

60- Which planet is known as night star?

61- Yamni president at the time of arab spring?

62- Train travel a distance in 50 mints at speed 6Km/hr,if the speed is 10Km/hr what time it taketo cover same distance?

63- 5% is 55 what is the number?

64- A men do a work in 10 days, second men do same work in 15 days if both work together how many days they take to complete work

65- Age of a men is five times the age of his son, 2 years ago the sum of the squares of there ages is equal to 114, what is the age of son?

66- A man buys a radio @ 250 and paid 15% tax and sale it @315 what profit he get?

67- Yemen’s revolution started by asking for the resignation of Ali Abdullah Saleh

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