PPSC ESE General (BS-14) | 23 June 2019 | Solved Original Paper

PPSC ESE General (BS-14) | 23-06-2019 | 08:30AM | Solved Original Paper | 1st Batch

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Compiled by: AsanMcqs 

1. First pm of pak... Liaquat ali khan
2. Pm in 2004... Shoukat aziz
3. Valley at the end of khuram pass.. Kohat valley
4. Shandur pass connects... Gilgat with chitral
5. Nealm valley situated in.. AJ.k
6. Pakistan lie in.. South Asia
7. Qantas airline... Australia
8. Iran attacked with rockets... Golan height
9. Tianamen square... China beiging
10. Cyprus is divided bw... Turkey and Greece
11. Tayyab urdgon game... Football
12.ice hockey founder ... Canada
13. Un changed security members 10 to 15 in 1965
14. Which organization has no formal structure .. G8
15 abraha... King of yemen
16. Lee kyu own... Pm of Singapore
17 . Insulin screted by... Pancreas
18. Subedaar abdul khaliq.. Ahtlete
19 . Pakistan fund.. 1947
20 . Pakistan five year plan.. 1955
21. Quaid dual membership of congress and muslim league... 7 year
22. Shawal.. 10 month
23. Ahya al aloom ud din written by imam ghazali
24. Prophet at the time of habeel murdered kabeel.. Hazarat shees
25. Simmon commission recommend the sepration of.. Up from begal..not sure
26. Angkor wat... Complex temple
27. My computer first introduced in which windows.. Windows 1
28. Hyperlink is... Click on the text and new document open
29.Calculater and adding machine.. By pasacal
30. Tooth decay due to.. Flurine
31. Surah nahal means... Honey bee
32. Which country has currency not rupia... Bhutan
33. River tigris and Euphrates lie in which civilization.. Mesopotamia
34. Choreography... Dance movement
35. Computer are used bcz they are.. Reliable accuracy time saving.. Ans all of these.
36. Selected paragraph up key... Ctrl+up arrow
37. Khuda e sukan.. Meer taqi meer
38. Galiaan mat do.. Right answer
39. A number whose 7 percent is 42... 600
40. Ch muhammad ali succeeded by.. M ali bogra
41. Biclamrism is introduced by.. 1973 Constitution
42. Last recipient of nishan e haider.. Havaldar lalik jaan
43. Who presided the 1940 resolution.. Ak fazal e haq
44. Fish question math..
45. If a car washer washes 18 cars in 3 hours...answer 80
46. If f(x) = x-5..
47. Simplification -{ -24/7)...... -1
48. Zaboor book on.. Hazrat dawood
49. Kinetic energy due to.. Motion
50. Kofi anaan belongs to.. Ghana
51. Welgiton is the capital of.. Newzland
52.DNA discovered by... Chadwick
53.cyprus is divided between... Turkey and Greece
54. Thanda ghosht and kali shalwar by.. Sadaat hussain manto.
55. Donald Trump belongs.. Republican party
56. Nimra buy a laptop on 20% discount on original price if she sold it by 40% increase in....
57. Mical auon is the president of... Lebanon
58. Survival for the fittest term coined by.. Herbert Spencer
59. Tribe of hazrat usman.. Banu Ummdiya
60. Tamak tu mohavra
61. Nakhun se ghost juda nh hota ka mtlb..
62. Nam founder tito belongs to Yugoslavia

(If anyone remember more questions or want to correct us , he or she can freely tell us in facebook page/post comment section )
Submitted by: Asan Mcqs

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