PPSC Lecturer Biology (BS-17) | 19-06-2022 | Original Paper | Job Test Paper

Today PPSC Lecturer Biology (BS-17) | 19-06-2022 | Original Paper

1.Chromosomal theory was presented by ---- sutton and boveri (A and B) 2. source of protein (meat, eggs, legumes all of these) 3. mahasreen meaning ghairy huy 4. chromosome term was coined by...W. Waldeyer 5. Yogurt and cheese are made by fermentation 6. ABO blood group system AB blood group codominance 7. habitat of mollusks --- Marine water

8. In alpha helix, amino acids bind with the: fourth amino acid

9. Anticodon present on tRNA 10. Nehru report---motilal nehru 11. mosquito causing dengue... Aedes aygypti 12. distance between two DNA strands (0.34nm) 13. The part of bacteria which have antibiotic resistance genes is plasmid 14. Which amino acid enters in urea cycle 15 fight r flight response by which system: Sympathetic nervous system 16. Which is not included in slide layout ? Animation Charts Trabels Title 17. قاضی کے گھر کے_____ بھی سیانے chohay b siyanay 18. protein synthesis takes place in ? Ribosomes 19. ____ have asymmetrical body plane. Sponges 20. Which of the following does not belong to phylum mollusca? Sea feather 21. Fruit ripening plant hormone: Ethylene 22. The ages of A and B are in the ratio 6:5 and the sum of their ages is 44 years. What will be the ratio of their age after 8 years? 28 years 23. Which of the following is called "Pearl mother layer"? Nacre 24. Which is non vascular? Bryophytes 25. Which of the following is not a natural predator of BPH? Red Ants 26. Which characteristic which is present in gymnosperms but not present in other seeded plants. Exposed seeds 27. Natural bacteria used in mining this process is called : Biomining 28. Which is present in pencil? Graphite

29. Hormones not secreted by pituitary gland: ADH

30. (Anything.....anybody) Something....Somebody

31. A coiled peptide chain held in place by hydrogen binding between peptide bond in the same chain is due to: alpha helix

32. DNA methylation: Epigenetics

33. Production of mRNA occurs in: Nucleus

34. Cri du chat disease is caused by the missing of chromosome: 5th 35. Single user system (windows, Linux )

36. Disease causing protozoa . trypanosoma (not confirm)

37. Water is liquid at room temperature because of : hydrogen bonds

38. Who first sequence Insulin : Sanger

39. Anticodon of GCA is : CGU

40. First vaccine formed by recombinant DNA technology: Hepatitis B

41. Polysaccharide in bacteria and yeast is: Dextrin

42. Tirch meer is tha highest peak of.. Hindukash

43. Protein structure can be studied by: X-ray crystallography

44. Which is not used to study protein structure? MRI

45. Jamia Masjid Karachi was completed in : 2021

46. Alternation of generation is present in: All of these

47. Sugarcane shows high efficiency of CO2 fixation because it performs: Hatch and Slack pathway

48. Which is the lowest level of chromosome patterns? Nucleosome

49. Zig zig chromatin pattern is due to: Histone H1 (not confirm)

50. Two polypeptide join to form which structure? Quaternary structure

51. Which is autosomal non disjunction? Down syndrome

52. Which is the feature of insects? All of these

53. Pair of Sex chromosome in humans? One pair

54. Law of independent assortment follows. ratio

55. Catherine palace is in? Russia

56. What is annually per capita sugar consumption in Pakistan? 21kg

57. Polygenic inheritance? More than one gene control one trait

58. Peace of war is written by?? Leo Tolstoy

59. Genetic recombination occurs in: Prophase of Meiotic phase I

60. These women are not in committee (into, over, of, to)

61. Intervening genes are called: Introns

62. Location of a gene on chromosome: Gene mapping

63. Which are the receptors for pressure? Baroreceptors

64. Allele frequencies for homozygous is 0.7 then according to Hardy Weignberg's law, heterozygous will be: 0.49

65. The computational methadology that tries to find best matching between molecule, a receptor and ligand is called: Molecular docking

66. Who presented poor man budget in 1946? Liaquat Ali

67. Same type of chromosomes by chromosome duplication: Paralog

68. the anticodon for G in Wobble rule is: U

69. Sexual reproduction in plants was discovered by? Camerarius

70. Plants are transformed more easily than animals because, their cells are easy to culture in test tubes and petri plates

71. Pesticides are what type of chemicals ? fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, nematicides, rodenticides

72. Screening of phenotype then towards genotype is called: Forward genetics

73. Agriculture required which type of water?? Fresh water

74. Spicules of sponges made of which kind of cells? Scleroblast

75. Monotremes are _____ mammals? Egg laying

76. Co enzymes are formed from: Vitamins

77. Which is not classified as conjugate protein? Complete protein

78. Which of the following disorder is caused by the deficiency of proteins? All of these

79. The hardest part of teeth is: Enamel

80. If a company of monitor screens increase the size of screen every year. it was 4 inches in 2008 and 5.5 inches in 2011. so how many inches they increase in screen every year? 0.5 years

81. DIrect indirect

He said, "He is coming now."

82. Imperitive verb

83. Gastrin digested in which type of medium? Acidic

84. Pigments are present in which organelle to absorb light? Chloroplast

85. Which is not an embyonic membrane? Somite

86. Major cause of extinction of plants and animals is : Man's activities

87. Sky color from other planets is : 

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