Custom Inspector 09 September 2018 FPSC Test Paper 2018

MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test 2018

1.                   Adam Sani title of which prophet. “Hazrat Nooh(A.S)”
2.                   Molvi Tammezuddin was “former speaker of National Assembly”
3.                   How many countries participated in Child Street World Cup. “20”
4.                   The SI unit of charge is ? “Coulomb”
5.                   Country announced to host national flag on all mosques to "promote patriotism among
Muslims" “China”
6.                   Medical devices use which type of OS? “Real Time”
7.                   Most abundant element in Universe. “Hydrogen”
8.                   Most abundant element on earth's crust. ”Oxygen”
9.                   Single spacing causes___Point line spacing in MS word document.”12”
10.               Default Number of Lines to drop for drop cap is? “3”
11.               How Many Breaths an adult Do You Take Each Day? “15,000 to 20,000”
12.               Blood volume of about ___litters. ”5”
13.               Files on Disk Located by “Root Folder”
14.               Which Colour Line indicates the word is repeated in MS word. “Red Line”
15.               ____is selected to shade words and paragraphs. “formation, Border and Shading”
16.               Which button allows add, change or remove edit data source. “Edit Button”
17.               Z.A bhutto hang in murder case of __” Nawab Muhammmad Ahmed Qasuri”
18.               fateh-e-mubeen is the second name of? “Sulah Hadabiya”
19.               Female New york stock Exchange President: “Stacey Cunningham”
20.               In which country plane crashed and 110 passengers killed. “Cuba”
21.               In which country 225 flight were delayed.”India”
22.               Which country police start anti-Bagging compaign and 78 baggers were arrested. “UAE”
23.               Street Child World Championship Winner: “Uzbekistan”
24.               Heads of zakat are mentioned in which Surah: “Surah Taubah”
25.               Prophet’s name Ahmed come in surah “As Saf”
26.               Vitamin D Deficiency causes “rickets”
27.               Vitamin A Deficiency Causes “Night Blindness”
28.               Long-sight defect could be corrected by using ______ lens? “Convex”
29.               Who was the author of Tarjaman ul Quran? “Abul-Kalam Azad”
30.               British Indian Association 1866 by “Sir Syed Ahmed Khan”
31.               Simla Conference Main Point from All India Muslim League was?
32.               Imam Abu Hanifa born in? ”80AH”

33.               Which social networking website deleted (certain figure) fake accounts in first 3 month of 2018.
34.               Radioactive radiations discovered by? ” Bacquerel”
35.               LIGO detected? “Gravitational Waves”
36.               NAM 1998 summit related pakistani matter? “Kashmir Problem”
37.               South African player recently announced retirement? “AB Devillers”
38.               In test match with Pakistan how many Ireland player debut in test cricket? “11”
39.               Prince Harry married to? “Meghan Markle”
40.               Military plane crashed in 2018? “Algeria”
41.               Female Deputy Governor of Kabul capital.” Munira Yousafzai”
42.               A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called? "Battery"

43.               A sun is a? “Star”
44.               Hazrat Younas stayed in fish? "40"
45.               What is the total length of Pakistan and Iran Border? “909 KM”
46.               The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is? "120"
47.               An extension of the file created in MS-word? ".doc"

48.               Which social media website delete inappropriate videos? ”YouTube”
Submitted by: Asan Mcqs

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