Custom Inspector FPSC 9th September 2018 Test Paper Batch 2,

MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test Batch 2, 9th September 2018

1. Which Country has built World Largest Air purifier to fight pollution?  China
2. Pakistani Teenager conducted Coin Toss in FIFA World Cup match between Costa Rica And ______? Brazil
3. Who was guarantor in Indus Water Treaty ? Ans World Bank
4. Life span of White Blood Cells is ?. Ans 3 Days
5. Bolan Pass is situated in ______ ? Toab Kakar, Balochistan
6. China Rank in World Happiness Index in the World is ? 86th
7. Who was the First Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan ?
8. Who won the FIFA World Cup 2018? France
9. Who is the World's Most powerful man in 2018 ? Xi Jinping
10. World Highest Score by England in One Day International Cricket is ___________? 481
11. Most Densest Element on the Earth is ________ ? Osmium
12. X-Ray is invented by ? Roentgen
13. President of Turkey belong to which political party . Ans Justice and Development Party
14. How many Pakistanis are the members of British Parliament ? 12 Members
15. Unit of Pressure is _______? Pascal
16. Which device is used for measuring high temperature ? Pyrometer
17. Ctrl+Z in Microsoft Word is used to ______ ? Answer undo the action
18. Ctril+S is used in Microsoft Word is to _______? Save the Document
19. Sri Lankan Captain Dinesh Chandimal banned from cricket for charges of ? Ball Tempering
20. How to open the file in Microsoft Word ? CTRL+O
21. Best Whiteball Wicket Keeper batsman in the World ? Joss Buttler
22. Range of the newly tested Missile Ababeel is ________? 2200 KMs
23. Which Country filed a lawsuit against US sanctions in Inter court ? Iran
24. Which Country recently allowed women for Driving ? Saudi Arabia
25. When the Qibla shifted from Bait-ul-Muqadas to Masjid ul Haram? 2nd Hijri
26. Queen Elizabeth celebrated her ______ birthday? 92 Birthday
27.What is the default Number of Lines to drop for drop cap is _______? 3
28. Single Spacing in MS Word document causes ______point of line spacing? 12
29. Devolution Plan was presented by General Pervaiz Musharraf in the year? Ans is 2000
30. The Ceasefire Line in Kashmir was drawn in which year? 1949
31. Neelum River is the tributary of which River ? Indus River
32. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a baby girl becoming only the Second World Leader. Who was the first World leader to do so while in Office? Ans is Benazir Bhutto
33. After Pakistan China is close to sign an agreement on economic corridor with which country ? Ans Myanmar
34. Who was the first Afghan Ambassador to pakistan ?
35. Nawaz Sharif Entered into politics in the Era of ? Ans Zia ul Haq
36. Ghazwa e Badar occured in which Hijri Year? 2 A.H
37. Which Command is used used to close Microsoft Word ? Ans alt+F4
38. Inwhich Hijri Year incident of Hajre Aswad Took Place ?
39. Last Asia Cup held in which year ? 2016
40. X+1/x=2 what is value of x
41. What does shift f5 do in ms word? Jump between edits
42. Inwhich Hijri year First Mosque was built ? 1. A.H Masjid-e Quba
43. A letter head contain all of below except ...?
44. Saving a document with new Name , You Press .... ? Click File , Then Save As
45. ________are used to divide a webpage into areas? C . Frames
46. MS word Application can not be closed ? Ans is B. Choose Close Sub Menu from
47. How do you activate ruler on your document by using ribbon? C. View >>>> Ruler
48. Which One Can not be type of Page Margin? Ans A. Center
49. What Happens when Three hyphens and Asterisks are typed and pressed enter key the auto format feature does what? C. is the right Places a border above paragraph
50. It appears 1 when you insert a page number , but you want to show a different page number , what would you do?
51. What should you do to shift from insert mode to overtype mode in MS word?
52. What is selected by pressing F8 key thrice in MS Word? C. A Paragraph
53. A nanometer is equal to ______ ? Answer 10 -9 M
54. The Speed of Light is __________. ans 300000 KM/s
55. When White light passes through a prism , it splits into how many colors ? Ans is 7
56. In very low temperature which from the following will freeze in last ? C. Sea Water
57. CNG stands for _______. Ans C. Compressed Natural Gas
58. Which from the following is not a conductor ? D. all are conductors
(A) Aluminum (B) Silicon (C) Both A & B (D) None of these

59. Zakat Ratio on Wealth is _________. B. 2.5

Submitted by: Sanobar Khan

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