Custom Inspector 11th November 2018 Batch 2 Paper Questions with Answers

FPSC Batch 2 Paper (Morning) 02:00 PM conducted by FPSC on 11th November 2018 Custom Inspector Test

Solved MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test Batch 2

1. Who were the Prime Minister at the time of First Constitution of Pakistan ? Ans Chaudary Muhammad Ali
2. Zakat was made obligatory in which year ? 2nd Hijri
3. Which is the closest planet to earth ? Venus
4. Old Name of K2 is ____? Godwin Austin
5. Intensity of the Earthquake is measured in ? Richter Scale 
6. Saindak Project is producing ? Copper and Gold
7. In Ghazwa e Uhad who lead the enemy force ? Abu Sufyan
8. Pentagon is a ___? Ans Headquarter of US Department of Defense 
9.  To cut useless Area of Image is _____?  Crop 
10. Text Styling in the word is done using ? Wordart
11. Major function of IMF is  ? Secure Financial Stability
12. Iran was conquered by Whom?
13. Daughters of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ? 4
14. Circumference of the Earth is ____? 40,075 KM
15. Ottawa Convention of 1997 was about?
16. Largest coal in Pakistan?

17. PM at the time of 1st Constitution of 1956?
Ch Muhammad Ali

18. Zakat made obligatory in?
2nd Hijri

19. Daughters of Prophet Muhammad PBUH ?

20. Most mentioned prophet in Quran?
Hazrat Musa A.S

21. Iran was conquered by?
Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqas

22. Mother Name of Hazrat Ishaac?
Hazrat Sara

23. Ottawa Convention 1997 about?

24. Muslims came back without fight in which ghazwa?

24. Nearest Planent to earth ?

25. Pakistan opposed india in inclusion of?
SCO or Human rights commission 

26. Measurement of Earthquake?

27. Friction is maximum b/w car tyres n road during hard break.
28. 1st invaded in India ?
Mughals, Khilji, Taghluq

29. Circumference of Earth ?
3000KM, 4000,5000 or NOT

30. IMF Functions ?

31. Pentagon is for?
USA Defence Offices

32. Africa conquered during regime of ?
Hazrat Omar, Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Ali or NOT

33. In ghazwa ohad which lead enemy force?

Abu Sufyan

34. 1st Female Justice of Balochistan H.Court?

35. Space b/w margin n before paragraph is calld ?
Spacing, Gutter or Indentation

36. To cut useless area of image is called?

37. Text Styling in word ?
38. NAM of 1955 in which country?

Egypt or Indonesia39. Saindak Project is producing Copper n Gold.

40. Pak parliamentary System is Bicameral.

41. Largest oil refinery of pak ? 


42. Purpose of WTO ?

43. Vitamin To Heal Wound?

44. Best Source Of Urgent Energy To Athlete Vitamin?

45. Pakistani Parliament Is Bi-Cameral.

46. Tariff Fix By Govenment

47 Heads Of Hen And Cow Together And 140 Legs, How Many Hen R 
There Option 
C. 26
34. Spell Check F7

48. Solar Energy Converted into Electrical Via Transitional
49. If a person purchase buy a book of 500 and sale it in 700 %age of profit 
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