Custom Inspector 11th November 2018 Paper Questions with Answers

FPSC Paper Batch 1 Paper Morning 10:00 Pm conducted by FPSC on 11th November 2018. The following questions were asked in today paper of Custom Inspector in FPSC Custom Inspector test along-with answer Keys.

Solved MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test Batch 1

1. Word Computer is derived from which word? Ans Latin
2. Who is the father of Computer ? Charles Babbage
3. Gwadar become the part of Pakistan in which year ? 1958
4. Old Name of K2 is ____? Godwin Austin
5. Salt Mines is situated in which district of Pakistan? Jehlum
6. Largest Planet of the Solar System is ____? Jupiter
7. Longest Rivers of the World is  ? Nile
8. Binary Digits are ____? Ans 0 and 1
9. Total Number of Surah in Quran are _______ ? 114
10. Pakistani Flag was designed by? Amiruddin Kidwai
11. Largest Natural Lake in Pakistan  ? Manchar
12. After how many years of Independence Pakistan got its first Constitution  ? 9 Years
13. Abdul Rehman Chugtai was a ____? Painter
14. Which Country has a non rectangular flag? Ans Nepal
15. Which Country ? Ans UAE
16. Allama Iqbal did PHD from which Country? Ans Germany
17. Constitution of Pakistan has how many Articles? 280 Articles
18. Which of the following water disease? Cholera
19. National Bird of Pakistan is ? Chakoor
20. Thal Desert is situated in which province of Pakistan? Punjab
21. Reconstruction of Regional Thoughts is written by ? Allama Iqbal
22. Largest Desert of Pakistan ? Thar
23. Which of the Following is not responsible for pollution? Solar Power
24.Which of the following is not a part of FATA after/before the amendment in article 246 of 1973 constitution? Charsada
(A) Orakzai
(B) Khyber
(C) Charsada
(D) None of the above.
25. First Question after death in Grave will be asked about ? Namaz
26. Mother Name of Hazrat Ishaq (R.A) ? Hazrat Sara (R.A)
24. Computer Disks use which technology for read and write operations? Laser
(A) Electrical
(B) Mechanical
(C) Laser
(D) None of the above.
25. Why does a horse can't sit? 
(A) No joints in thigh bone
(B) No Knees
(C) No Joint in Hind Limbs
(D) None of the above.
26. Which One is not a fossil fuel? Uranium
(A) Natural Gas
(B) Uranium
(C) Patrol
(D) None of the above.
27. Meteor are ___? Shooting Stars
(A) Comets
(B) Shooting Stars
(D) None of the above.
28. Main Source of Sun's Energy is ___?  Fusion
(A) Fission
(B) Fusion
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of the above.
29. Which Engine can be operated at High Speed?  
(A) Diesel Engines
(B) Steam Turbines
(C) Patrol Engines
(D) None of the above.
30. Coal used in Thermal Power Plants is known as ? (A) Steam Coal
(B) Char Coal
(C) Soft Coal
(D) None of the above.
31. Choose the richest source of Protein from given options ? (A) Ground Nuts
(B) Rice
(C) Green Leafy Vegetable
(D) Meat and Meat Products.
32. Name the female Chief Justice of Balochistan? Justice Tahira Safdar
(A) Justice Tahira Safdar
(B) Justice Noor Muhammad Miskanzai
(C) Justice Qazi Faiz Essa
(D) None of the Above
33. BCG Vaccine is used to protect ? Tuberculosis
(A) Tuberculosis
(B)  Hepatitus
(D) None of the Above
34.Suez Canal Connects ______ ? Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
(A) Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
(B)  Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea
(C) Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean
(D) None of the Above
35. Lahore Resolution was passed in which year? 1940
(A) 1940
(B)  1945
(C)  1947
(D) None of the Above
36. Word Inflation Means? Increase in prices
37. Which function key is used to check spellings in Microsoft Word and Excel? Ans f7
38. Daughters of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Ans : 4
39. Which city of Pakistan is known as city of Saints? Multan
40. Which Vitamin helps in Healing Wounds? Vitamin C
41. Which is the hardest substance on Earth ? Diamond
42. Which Animal uses sound as eyes? BAT
43. Namaz was gifted at the occasion of ? Mairaj
44. Which One is not a wonder? Coral Caves
45. Nervous System Consists of ___? Brain and Spinal Cord
46. Which of the following is fastest running animal on earth ? Cheetah
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