SST Secondary School Teacher FPSC 12th November 2018 Test Paper

FPSC Secondary School Teacher Test Paper Batch 1 (Morning) 10:00AM conducted by FPSC on 12th November 2018.

Solved MCQs of SST FPSC Test Batch 1 (MCQs 1-45) (MCQs 45-100)

MCQs (1 - 45) 

1 The story books which my teacher _______, _______ very interesting .

A. recommends, is 
B. recommended, are
C. recommended, was
D. None of these

2. It _______ useless to persuade a stubborn man.

A. is
B. was 
C. were
D. None of these

3. While _______ in the garden, he ______ a small box.

A. digging, finding 
B. digging, found
C. digging, is finding 
D. None of these

4. The travelers _________ the beautiful scenery as they _______ their way through the country.

A. enjoys, make 
B. enjoy, made
C. enjoys, making 
D. None of these

5. _______ through an old album, Alia ______ by some of the photographs. 

A. Looking, was amused 
B. Looks, amused
C. Looking, has amused 
D. None of these

6. He seems to be quite ignorant _____ the facts.

A. at 
B. in 
C. of
D. None of these 

7. The case has been delayed because we have no access _________ the relevant data.

A. of 
B. to
C. in 
D. None of these

8. He seems to be quite contented ______ his life.

A. at
B. of
C. with
D. None of these

9. We must adhere ______ our noble traditions.

A. to
B. with 
C. at 
D. None of these

10. Even his opponents admit that he is endowed ______ rare talents.

A. of
B. with
C. at
D. None of these

11. I laughed _____ him _____ making a silly mistake.
A. On, for
B.  on, of
C. at, for
D. None of these

12. The gift was bought _____ her.
A. for
B. of
C. at
D. None of these

13. The gift was bought _____ her.

A. of 
B. off
C. by
D. None of these

14. The gift was bought _____ her.

A. on
B. of 
C. from
D. None of these

15. An honest person always speaks the _____.

A. true
B. truth
C. truly 
D. None of these 

16. ______ people do not spend their money foolishly.

A. Wise
B. Wisely
C. Wisdom
D. None of these

17. As it was a minor ______ the traffic policeman let him off with the warning.

A. Offend 
B. Offence
C. Offender
D. None of these

His leader will not forgive him for the foolish mistake.

A. Blooper
B. Blunder
C. Brawl
D. None of these


The idea that "Knowledge must be acquired through one of the senses" is known us: _____
A. Functionalism
B. Empiricism
C. Poetry
D. None of these

 The early roots of psychology are firmly planted in philosophy and: ___
A. Anatomy
B. Logic
C. Physiology
D. None of these

What is associated with fear and anger?
A. Hippo-campus
B. Amygdala
C. Hypothalamus
D. None of these

The view that a single God exists is known as: ____
A. Deism
B. Theism
C. Atheism
D. None of these

The advantage of simulations is that they allow students to learn about a subject:_____
A. From the inside
B. From the help of peers
C. From outside
D. None of these

The growth potential of health people was emphasized by: ___
A. Cognitive neuroscience
B. Structuralism
C. Humanistic psychology
D. None of these

The early roots of psychology are firmly planted in physiology.
A. Anatomy
B. Logic
C. Philosophy
D. None of these

When a person must change to his existing position to respond to a new situation, it is called ____
A. Learning
B. Solution
C. Accommodation
D. None of these

Curriculum reflects the culture of:____
A. School
B. Humanity
C. Society
D. None of these

A research which has a classroom approach: ____
A. Basic
B. Action
C. Both (A) & (B)
D. None of these

What is true about a hypothesis?
A. Always tested
B. Always liked
C. Always repeated
D. None of these

If the result of the test and retest are the same, its is called: ___
A. Procedure
B. Sampling
C. Variety
D. None of these

The secondary school teacher is directly responsible to : ____
A. Parent
B. Headmaster
D. None of these

Chairperson of school council is : ____
C. Head teacher
D. None of these

Which theory says "leaders are born not made" ?
A. Contingency theory
B. Idealism
C. Trait theory
D. None of these

Administration means:____
A. Authority
B. To look after
C. To control
D. None of these

The administration of a principal is better evaluated by: ___
A. Teachers
B. Parents
C. Society
D. None of these

How transactional leadership motivates his subordinates?
A. By rewards and punishments
B. By rewards
C. By punishments
D. None of these
Autocratic leadership style of the principal is ever disliked by the : ___
A. Teacher
B. Students
C. Society
D. None of these

Paternity leave is granted for maximum:____
A. Seven days
B. Twenty days
C. Thirty days
D. None of these

How many teachers a principal can effectively direct?
A. Line authority
B. Span of control
C. Power
D. None of these
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