SST Secondary School Teacher MCQs 12th November 2018 FPSC Batch 1

SST - Secondary School Teacher Batch 1 (Morning) 10:00AM Test Paper conducted by FPSC on 12th November 2018.

MCQs of SST FPSC Test Batch 1 (MCQs 1-45) (MCQs 45-100)

(MCQs 45 - 100)

45. Principle has the right to check the work of teachers and make certain decisions without consulting anyone is; 

A. Utility of command
B. Control
C. Line authority
D. None of these

46. The rules for presenting difficult terms to make them easy for the students is; ___
A. Planning
B. Tactics
C. Maxims of teaching
D. None of these

47. _____ focuses on teaching adults.
A. Pedagogy
B. Androgyny
C. Strategy
D. None of these

48. _____ brings together scientific ideas to form a unique idea.
A. Synthesis
B. Evaluation
C. Analysis
D. None of these

49. Teacher performs practically and explains in ___:
A. Demonstration method
B. Lecture method
C. Discovery method
D. None of these

50. Education for sustainable development seeks partnership across the:__
A. Society
B. Future
C. Culture
D. None of these

51. To impart knowledge or skill to somebody by instructions or example it: ____
A. Teaching
B. Learning
C. Understanding
D. None of these

52. To absorb new ideas into our existing knowledge is called :
A.  Change
B. Life
C. Assimilation
D. None of these

53. Which teaching technique may be better for elementary students:
A. Lecture method
B. Topology
C. Activity method
D. None of these

54. Students are directly involved as experiential learning in:
A. Assimilation
B. Lecture method
C. Simulation
D. None of these

55. Pedagogy means:
A. Flow
B. Riding
C. Diving
D. None of these

56. According to Einstein, education should be a fun rather than: ___
A. Learning
B. Knowledge
C. Pushed
D. None of these

57. Trail, error and imitation is a(n): ____
A. Mechanism
B. Evaluation
C. Adaptation
D. None of these

58. Measurement answers the questions?
A. How well
B. How fast
C. How good
D. None of these

59. Evaluation answers the question?
A. How much
B. How fast
C. How ready
D. None of these

60. Which one of the following terms is most inclusive?
A. Measurement
B. Testing
C. Assessment
D. None of these

61. Interviews may be conducted to _______ adaptive behavior of candidates.
A. Verify
B. Assess
C. Calculate
D. None of these

62. The test developed to measure  minimum basic knowledge and skills of the students is called:
A. Diagnostic test
B. Mastery
C. Survey test
D. None of these

63. A test used to measure many skills with just a few items for each skill is: ___
A. Standardized test
B. Survey
C. Diagnostic test
D. Noe of these

64. Which of the following has good objectivity of marking ?
A. Subjective test
C. Essay
D. None of these

65. The statement of problem in MCQsis called:
A. Option
B. Premise
C. Stem
D. None of these

66. In MCQs, the stem of items should be:

A. Short
B. Meaningful
C. Attractive
D. None of these

67. Two students A & B appeared in a test, they achieved 25 and 75 marks respectively, What is percentile for A.?
A. 25
B. 45
C. 50
D. None of these

68. An outline of the topics of a subject to be covered in specific time is called:
A. Syllabus
B. Course
C. Curriculum
D. None of these

69. IQ of a student having same physical and mental age will be:
A. 100
B. 125
C. Zero
D. None of these

70. Which one is most important for change in behavior?
A. Environment
B. Parents
C. Education
D. None of these

71. A sound curriculum must be based on the needs and aspiration of:
A. Society
B. School
C. People
D. None of these

72. The effectiveness of the curriculum depends on the interest of the:
A. Teachers
B. Learners
C. Students
D. None of these

73. Curriculum cannot be built without :
A. Biology
B. Zoology
C. mathematics
D. None of these

74. The Most important person in the curriculum implementation process is:
A. Principle
B. Student
C. Teacher
D. None of these

75. Religious education is strongly advocated by:
A. Pragmatists
B. Idealist
C. Realist
D. None of these

76. Who raised the slogan “Back to Nature”?
A. Realism
B. Pragmatism
C. Naturalism
D. None of these

77. Which branch of philosophy deals with knowledge and its methodology?
A. Logic
B. Aesthetics
C. Epistemology
D. None of these

78. Which among the following does not fit into the scheme of educational goals of the Idealists?
A. Beauty
B. Moral values
C. Care of body
D. None of these

79. What is called education acquired without any fixed period and place?
A. Indirect Education
B. Direct Education
C. Informal Education
D. None of these

80. A value which is constantly described and desirable in a subject is called:
A. Preparatory
B. Introductory
C. Conventional
D. None of these

81.  Frustration and anxiety produce ______ in an individual.
A. Stress
B. Tension
C. Diffusion
D. None of these

82. A prolonged tension causes:
A. Fever
B. Strain
C. Stress
D. None of these

83. Characteristic of information used t investigate  an event are called: ___
A. Attributes
B. Quality
C. Traits
D. None of these

84. Career may be defined as a _____ that involves a sequence of work.
A. Life style concept
B. internship
C. Job
D. None of these

85. Job shadowing is normally conducted on:
A. Plight
B. Receiving a degree
C. Both (A) & (B)
D. None of these

86. The sum of knowledge, disposition and expertise of the people in an organization is known as:
A. Human potential
B. Human capital
C. Power
D. None of these

87. The achievement gained during the career is called:
A. Success
B. Accomplishment
C. Award
D. None of these

88. What is meant by the term ‘meritocracy’?
A. People achieving via merit
B. Fraud
C. Nepotism
D. None of these

89. ________ is an activity not only evaluates how people perform but also how activities have been done.
A. Placement
B. Orientation
C. Appraisal
D. None of these

90. A choice made between two or more alternative is called:
A. Assumption
B. Reporting
C. Decision
D. None of these

91. _______ improves the productive contribution of people:
A. Physiology
B. Leadership
C. Personnel management
D. None of these

92. The growth of organizational needs to be meshed with the  ______ growth.
A. Profit
B. Individual
C. Managerial
D. None of these

93. Position power of the principle is limited to :
A. Teachers
B. Students
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

94. The discipline of educational management focuses on:
A. Money
B. Men
C. Technology
D. None of these

95. Administrative decision making is assumed to be:
A. Creative
B. Certain
C. Rational
D. None of these

96. Which decision making rule tries to equally satisfy both the parties?
A. Win-win approach
B. Compromise
C. Consensus
D. None of these

97. The _____ violates the unity of command concept.
A. Democracy
B. Bureaucracy
C. Matrix structure
D. None of these

98. The school headmaster operates the following administrative functions except:
A. Controlling
B. Coordinating
C. Staffing
D. None of these

99. A ______ is a senior employee who sponsors and supports the new employees.
A. Coach
B. Referee
C. Mentor
D. None of these

100. Workplace conflicts may be resolved by the principal using:
A. Win-win approach
B. Punishments
C. Do or die
D. None of these

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