Custom Inspector FPSC 10th September 2018 Test Paper Batch 4

MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test Batch 4 10th September 2018
1.  Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of the Election Commission of Pakistan? Ans Sardar Muhammad Raza
2.  Who is the Chairman National Accountability Bureau? Justice R. Javed Iqbal
3.  Who is the Chairman of Federal Public Service Commission? Mr. Naveed Akram Cheema
4.  Who is the Chairman of Federal Board of Revenue?. Mr. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan

5.  Who is the Captain of Pakistani Women Cricket Team? Bismah Mahroof
6.  When the General Election 2018 held? 25th July 2018
7.  Total Registered Voters in Pakistan ? 105.96 million voters
8.  Total Registered Female Voters in Pakistan? 46.73 Million Female Voters
9.  Persia was the Old Name of Which Country? Iran
10. Word acts as ______ when word is integrated with excel? Client
11. Diamond is allotropic form _________? Carbon
12.  S.I Unit of Heat is ________? Jouble
13.  S.I Unit of Electric Current is __________? Ans Ampere
14. Dry Ice is ___________? Ans Solid Carbon Dioxide
15.  Every formula in Excel starts with? Ans is equal to =
16.  How to edit a cell in Excel ?
17. Meteorology is the study of ____________ ? Answer is weather
18. KANUPP stands for ________ ? Ans: Karachi Nuclear Power Plant
19.  Sum of Prime Numbers between 60 and 80 ? Ans 351
20.  JIT on Panama Papers was headed by_______ ? Ans Wajid Zia FIA

21.  How many Polling Stations were declared sensitive during general Election 2018 ? 20789 Polling stations
22. The Bible, The Quran and Science is written by __________? Maurice Bucaille
23.  Amin Ul Ummat is the title given to ________ ? Abu Ubaida Bin Al Jaraah (R.A)
24. Which celebrity contested general elections 2018 ? Jawad Ahmed

Submitted by: Sanobar Khan

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