Solved SST Test Paper - Batch 3 15th November 2018 FPSC MCQs

FPSC - SST Paper Test Questions and Answers (Batch 3) 15th November 2018
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51. Aims are :
A. National expectations
B. Institution expectations
C. Learning  expectations
D. None of these

52. To promote science and technology is:
A. Aim
B. Goal
C. Objective
D. None of these

53. Inquiry means:
A. To investigate
B. To learn
C. To teach
D. None of these

54. Inquiry method include:
A. Observation
B. Experiments
C. Questioning answering
D. None of these

55. First component of lesson planning is:
A. Objective
B. presentation
C. Homework
D. None of these

56. Which is not the step of project method ?
A. Planning
B. Execution
C. Analysis
D. None of these

57. An overall procedure which is adopted by a teacher to achieve certain goals is called:
A. Method
B. Technique
C. Strategy/
D. None of these

58. Limit to quantitative description of pupils performance is called:
A. Evaluation
B. Measurement
C. Test
D. None of these

59. The purpose of formative evaluation is:
A. Monitoring progress of students
B. Selecting students
C. Promotion to next grade
D. None of these

60. Tests involving the construction of certain patterns or solving problems in terms of concrete materials are called:
A. Intelligence tests
B. Performance tests
C.  Scholastic aptitude tests
D. None of these

61. A type of criterion validity whereby a new measure correlates with a criterion measure taken at the same time is considered:
A. Content validity
B. Deferred validity
C. Concurrent validity
D. None of these

62. Recorded measurements of certain phenomena are called:
A. Information
B. Briefing
C. Data
D. None of these

63. The degree to which measures is free from error and therefore yield consistent results is called:
A. Reliability
B. Validity
C. Measuring
D. None of these

64. A master plan specifying the methods and procedures for collecting and analyzing the needed information is considered:
A. Research design
B. Research report
C. Research project
D. none of these

65. The ability of a scale or measuring instrument to measure what it is intended to measure is called:
A. Reliability
B. Validity
C. Practicality
D. None of these

66. The logical process of driving a conclusion about a specific existence based on a known general permissive in something knows to be true is considered:
A. Inductive reasoning
B. Deductive
C. Combination
D. None of these

74. Management is:
A. An art
B. A science
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

75. The concept of classroom management is more broad-based involving the principles of management relating to instruction and:
A. Description
B. Discipline
C. Direction
D. None of these

76. For successful teaching , classroom arrangement is systematic way to increase appropriate:
A. Achievement
B. Behavior
C. Career
D. None of these

77. For successful teaching fruitful purpose of interaction between teachers and taught is meant to guide the students towards:
A. Self-motivation
B. Self-arrangement
C. Self-direction
D. None of these

78. The chief duty of a teacher is to encourage pupils to supervise their activities and to provide them necessary:
A. Time
B. Place
C. Guidance
D. none of these

79. According to behavioural science approach to management:
A. The best management is a true science
B. There is only one best method of job performance
C. Management is the development of people and not the direction of things
D. None of these

80. The area of behavioural science application that emphasizes the important of common understanding and its assessment is :
A. Communication
B. Motivation
C. Leadership
D. None of these

81. The area of behavioural science research that focuses on the personal factors underlying high productivity, as well as high morale, is the area of employer:
A. Communication
B. Motivation
C. Leadership
D. None of these

82. The area having to do with identifying personal characteristics and situational factors leading to management success:
A. Communication
B. Motivation
C. Leadership
D. None of these

83. The principle that a subordinate should receive order and be responsible to only one boss is known as:
A. Unity of command
B. Unity of direction
C. Span of control
D. None of these

84. A managerial approach that uses those aspects of management schools that meet unique needs of the individual manager is called:
A. Eclectic
B. Behavioural
C. Quantitative
D. None of these

85. Functionalism involves:
A. A scalar chain of command
B. Assigning tasks to certain people
C. Quantitative
D. None of these

86. Management of functions do not include:
A. Developing strategy
B. Formulating objectives
C. Developing technology
D. None of these

87. The function of philosophy is:
A. Evaluative
B. Destructive
C. Creative
D. None of these

88. The scope of philosophy in education is :
A. Limited
B. Unlimited
C. Formulated
D. None of these

89. Socrate is the most honored philosopher in history of:
A. Africa
B. Asia
C. Europe
D. None of these

90. Plato idealism derives its origin from:
A. Socratic teaching
B. Rossou’s teaching
C. Iqbal’s teaching
D. None of these     

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