PPSC Lecturer Chemistry BS-17 Past Paper | Original Paper

Punjab Public Service Commission Lecturer Chemistry (BS-17) Past Paper MCQs Question and Answers.


1.    Enzymes belong to which class of compound
A. Proteins

2.    The helical structure of protein is stabilized by ________bond.
A. Hydrogen

3.    Enzymes have_______unit 
A. Polypeptide  

4.    Function of enzymes in biological system is ______.
A. Catalyze biochemical action

5.    Night blindness is produce due to deficiency of _______.

6.    Zwitter ion exist in which of the following
A. Alanine  
B. Glycine HCL 
C. Both a and b 
D. None

7.        IR determine_______bond.
A. kind of bond nature of bond
B. hydrocarbon

8.        Marsh gas is _______.
A. CH4

9.        Solvent used in IR Spectroscopy is______.
B. CH30H

10.     1700 - 1760 PEAK In IR Spectroscopy is _____.
A. Carbonyl group

11.     NMR use ______ source of radiation
B. Radio waves  
C. micro waves 
D. visible rays

12.     Existence of nucleus is confirmed by____.
A. Millikian method or  
B. Alpha scattering by thin metal foil

13.     What is fase about electron
a)  Electron is a particle
b)    Wave is associated with electron
c)    When electron jump from orbital its energy c..
d)    oriented by magnetic field (Not sure)

14. Which one is occur in whole number always
a)    Atomic number
b)    Molecular weight
c)    Equivalent weight

15. A metal has an electronic configuration is M+2 has 2,8,14 and its atomic weight is 56.the number of neutron is _____.
A. 30

16. Least soluble in Water is _____.
a.    Ethano
b.    l b. Phenol 
c.    Carboxylic acid 
d.    benzene

17. The EAN Value of Ni(CO)4 is 
a) 36

18.   The ration of C:Si in their neutron ration with atoic weight having 12 and 28 respectively ___.
A. (3:7)

19.   Phenolphthalein is colour less in acidic medium due to ____.
A. Benzenoid form  

20.   The weakest base is
a)   H- 
b)  Cl-
c)   HCO3-
d)  OH-

21. Which compound declourize KMnO4 solution but not give test with AgNO3 solution
a) Ethylene
b)  Acetylene
c)   Ethane

22. Which one of the following does not give Lassaignes test for nitrogen
A.  Phenylhydrazine 
B.   Glycine
C.   Urea
D.  Azobenzene

23. which one the following compound does not explode:
a)   trinitro toluene
b)  2-amine toluene (Not sure)

24. Strongest oxidizing agent is supported by----------
a.   Low dissociation energy
b.   high electron affinity
c.   low ionization energy

25.   the order of oxidizing agent is ____.
A. I<Br<Cl<F

26.   inversion of cane sugar into glucose and fructose is ?(not sure)
a) Slow process fast process
b) Spontaneous process instaneous process

27.   rate of chemical reaction is ______ when it proceed
a.   decrease
b.   increase

28.   when reactants are added then rate of reaction is 
A. decrease
B. increase (Not sure)

29.   which one of the following metal has highest electrical conductivity
A.  gold
B.   silver
C.   aluminium
D.  copper

30. preparation of ice cream is ______.
a)   colloids
b)  excesive cooling
c)   coagulation
d)  peptization

31. colloids are example of _______ equilibria
a. homogenous equilibria  
b.   suspension
c.   none of these

32. pure water is nonconductor of electricity
A.  water is neutral
B.  water is almost unionized
C.  water is completely ionized

33. which one of the following aqueous solution conductor of electricity
C.   Glucose
D.  HCl

34. Which is correct statement
A.  Catalyst increase the rate of forward reaction
B.  Catalyst increase the rate of backward reaction
C.  Catalyst influence on the rate of forward reaction and backward reaction equally (Not sure)
D. Catalyst decrease the rate of forward reaction

35.   Pick a right statement:
A. Order of reaction is in fraction

36.   The unit for formation of ammonia from N2+3H________>2NH3 .
A. Mol-2.lit2

37.   The unit of active mass is____.
A. Gram atom per litre
B.   Gram molecule per litre
C.   Gram litre

38. colloidal particles are 
a)   negative
b)  positive
c)   neutral (Not sure)
d)  may be positive or negative

39. who classify element first
a)   lother meyer 
b)  doberiener
c)   newlands
d)  mendleevs

40.   molecularity of reaction is always in ______
whole number
41.   The chemical which destroy ozone layer is

42.   Physisorption occur at
temperature low

43.   if dispersion medium is gas its example is 

44.   pressure vs temperature equation is called
A.  Langmuir equation 
B.   Fredluck equation
C.   Bet equation
D.  None of these

45.   Resonationg structure cannot be seprated

46.   Nickel is use in the hydrogenation of vegetable ghee.

47.   Colloids shows Brownian movement

48.   Methyl group is 0rtho and p-directiong bcz……..
a)   E donating effect of methyl group inductively
b)  E donating effect of methyl group resonatingly
c)   E donating effect of methyl group hyperconjugation
d)  All of above (Not sure)

49.   Chloro group is ortho and para but electron withdrawing

50.   To avoid maximum yield For a Reversible reaction to occur
A.  Glass vessel
B.   Closed vessel
C.   Open vessel

51. In benzene, there are ---------------type of carbon atom
A.  One type
B.   Two type
C.   Three type
D.  Four type

52. In benzene, the number of pi electron is
A.  3 e
B.   4e
C.   6e ( right answer)
D.  4e

53. In benzene , all carbon atoms are-------------hybridization
A.  Sp3
B.   Sp2 ( right answer)
C.   Sp
D.  None

54. According to lechatlier principle in a reversible reaction between solid and liquid, the amount of heat added   
A.  Decrease the concentration of solid
B.   increase the concentration of solid
C.   Decrease the concentration of liquid
D.  Decrease the concentration of liquid

55. The fastest reaction occur in which of the following:
A.  Rusting of iron
B.   Burning of coal
C.   The AgCl formation by the reaction of AgNo3 and Nacl

56. The amount of energy required to separate nucleons is called
A.  Ionization energy
B.  Binding energy

57. The enthalphy of heat of formation of sodium ion from its atom is known as
A.  Enthalphy of atomization 
B.   First ionization energy (not sure )
C.   Enthalphy of combustion

58. The brown vapour is formed of which element when MnO2 and conc. H2SO4 is added in them
A. NO2
B.   CL2
C.   Br2
D.  I2

59. Stability of nucleus is due to
A.  Proton and neutron
B.   Proton and electron
C.   Neutron and electron

60.   Difference between particle mass and real mass is called…………
Mass defect

61.   A gas has a volume of 2 litre at S.T.P at constant pressure, the new volume is 4 litre at which temperature:
A. 50c 
B. 100c

62. The difference between the crystalloids and colloids 
A.  Particle size
B.   Colloidal size
C.   Diffusion
D.  True solution

63. The gas which shows deviation from ideal behavior is:
A.  Helium
B.   Hydrogen
C.   Ammonia
D.  Trichloro methane

64. Some substance shows scattering of light but they can pass through ordinary filter paper is………….
A.  Colloids
B.   Suspension
C.   True solution
D.  None

65. In the lime kiln , CaCO3_______>CaO+CO2 proceed to complete because____
B.   CaO remove
C.   Low Temperature
D.  High Pressure

66. Which one of the following equation is not affected by change in pressure
A.  1/2N2+1/2O2………..>NO
B.   P2O5……………..>P2O+O2
C.   N2+3H2…………….>2NH3

67. A Reaction approaches go farthest completions 
A.  K=102
B.   K=101
C.   K=10
D.  K=10-2

68.   Isothermal thermal system is one in which 

69.   Temperature of the system decreases in  adiabatic expansion
adiabatic compression

70.   System in which no change in temperature is Isochoric isobaric 

71.   Cyclic structure of benzene is given by

72.   Which is least soluble in water
A.  Ethanol
B.   Benzene
C.   Benzoic acid
D.  Phenol

73. Heterogenous catalysis is based on 
a. Adsorption
A.  Absorption
B.   Sorption
C.   Desorption

74.   Entropy of the universe is
Always increasing

75.   Which indicator is not used in conical flask
A.  Self indicator
B.   External indicator
C.   Internal indicator
D.  Mixed indicator

76. Toluene is prepared from benzene
A.  Fridel craft reaction
B.   Perkin reaction
C.   Wurtz reaction

77. Catalyst used in fridel craft alkylation is
A.  AlCl3
B.  BFCl3

78.   Order of reaction is………
Can be determined from equation
Can be determined from experiment

79.   Oxidation number of P in KH2PO2 IS

80.   Molten KCl conduct electricity because of
Free ions
Free electron

81.   which individual units loose identity 
a.   Complex salts
b.   Simple salts 
c.   Compound salts 
d.   Double Salt

82.   When a multidentate ligand is surrounded it is known as
Coordination sphere
Coorination complex 

83.   Group no. represents Same electronic configuration
same number of electron in valance shell
84.   Entropy decreases in melting of ice rusting of iron 

85.   In this reaction 6NaOH+3Cl2_______5NaCl+NaClO3+3H2O
A.  Chlorine is reduced
B.   Chlorine is oxidized
C.   Disproportionation reaction

86.   Aqueous solution is electrical conductor MgCl2 

87.   According to lewis concept ,  bases are electron pair donor

88.   Aacording to lowry-bronsted concept  bases are proton acceptor

89.   Which one of the following aquesous solution of oxide and chloride give same test with litmus solution.
A. Phosphorous
B.   Sodium
C.   Magnesium

90.   The element of group 1B is known as coinage metal.

91.   oxidation of which gives positive DNP but not Fehling's test
D.  (CH3)3COH

92. Product of hydrolysis of CH3CO2C3H7 with NaOH gives

93. Flourescene, rhodamine, are example of________indicators.
A.  Acid base indicator
B.   Adsorption indicator
C.   Absorption indicator

94. Evaporation causes a change in entropy_____.

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