FPSC FIA Inspector Batch 1 - 06 January, 2019 Paper Questions

Federal Public Service Commission FIA Inspector Batch 1 Questions 06 January, 2019
1-  (46)^2 - (?) = 4398-3066

2- The difference b/w the place values of 8 in the numeral 6283481 is:

3- International Human Rights Day is observed on:

4- 2nd Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) summit was held in 2018 at:

5- Where is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank headquarters located?

6- What is the name of Indonesian currency?

7- Who is current Iranian President?

8-  Six party talk was to find peaceful solution to the security concerns against:

9- US withdrew from Iran nuclear deal on:

10- The 10th International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) 208 was held between:

11- Which country is going to host SAFF (South Asian Football Federation) Championship in 2020?

12- Russian President Viadimir Putin belongs to:

13- Who is current Chinese Foreign Minister?

14-  Who is current Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Pakistan to the UN?

15- Pakistan named among powerful people in the world 2018 by Forbes Magazine is:

16- In June 2018, Pakistan alongside ____has shows interest in becoming members of the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

17- First nuclear power plant in Arab world, which was inaugurated in March, 2018 is located in:

18- UNHCR inked preliminary plan on Rohingya repatriation in April,2018 with:

19- On which date, the 2018 International Anti-Corruption Day was observed?

20- _______ in the first country in the world to recognize "orphanage trafficking" as form of modern slavery.

21- US, Mexico and _____ sign USMCA to Replace NAFTA.

22- The theme for the World AIDS Day 2018 was:

23- Who inaugurated the IDEAS 2018 (International Defence Exhibition and Seminar) at Karachi Expo Center on 27th November 2018?

24- Recently Pakistan has been elected as a member for the council of _________ for a four year term (2019 -2022) after securing 155 out of 177 votes in November 2018.

25- Who has been appointed as new Afghan envoy to Pakistan Afghanistan government?

26- Kartarpur Border is located in which District of Punjab, Pakistan?

27- In how many National and Provincial Constituencies by elections were held on 14th October 2018?

28-  How many women candidates made it to the National Assembly through the director General  Elections 2018?

29- What was the voter turnout in General Elections 2018?

30- The Range of Missile Hatf - 7 is :

31- Who is the current Advisor to Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms and Austerity?

32- Who is the current Federal Minister of Petroleum Division ?

33- How many Surah are regarding Hazrat Ayyab (peace be upon him) in the Holy Quran?

34- How may stages are in the Holy Quran?

35- How old was Hazrat Yousaf (peace be upon him) at the time of migration to Egypt?

36- How many basic Sources are of Fiqah?

37- What is called the seven times walks around the Kaaba?

38- How many Muslims did participate in the battle of Badr?

39- Who was the first converted in Islam among women?

40- At the age of 25 years the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) went on to a business trip to :

41- Hazrat Umar (RA) was born in:

42- The six authentic books of hadiths are called:

43- The approximation in which original length is very small as compared to final stretched length is:

44- The shortest wavelength for audible sound is:

45- A wire has a resistance of 6Ω (Ohm). It is cut into two parts and both the halves are connected in parallel. The new resistance is:

46- synonym of mellow

47- synonym of hanged

48- synonym of expedient

49- antonym of hallucination

50- antonym of dusgorged

51- By which Process both salt and water will be recovered from common salt solution?

52- Which one of the following elements the drum of a Photostat machine is made up of:

53- The force exercise by a uniform electric field on a dipole is:

54- This i good enough.

55- She laughed heartily.

56- I like the new book.

57- Which team of 3rd PSL Won the final trophy of 2018 in Karachi?

58- Which Country;s Head attended Pakistan Day's parade on 23rd March 2018?

59- Who was the previous Chairman of Senate of Pakistan, (before the current one)?

60- Who is the current Secretary General of UN?

61- The current US president (Donald Trump) was elected in:

62- Who is the Present king of Saudi Arabia?

63-  Who was the first lady representative of Pakistan in UN?

64- Since 2018 President of People Republic of China is now elected for a term of :

65- Who is the Prime Minister of Britain?

66- When Pakistan Purchased Gwadar from Oman?

67- WTO stands for:

68- Balochistan's newly emerged political party is:

69- T20 Cricket Matches between Pakistan and West Indies were played in April 2018 in:

70- Total membership of US senate is:

71- Football is the most popular game in:

72- Which of the following country us Republic?

73- ICC Champions Trophy 2017 was held in:

74- Manchar Lake is located near:

75- Baseball is most popular game in:

76- In Pakistan, the number of tax payers and return filters is less than:

77- The tenure of the office of a Senator in Pakistan is:

78- 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan was passed in:

79- When the first general elections were held under the constitution of 1956?

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