FPSC FIA Inspector Batch 2 - 06 January, 2019 Paper Questions

Federal Public Service Commission FIA Inspector Batch 2 Questions 06 January, 2019 (259B/2018).

1-"Do it"Change into Passive

2- Solve it (225)^2.5÷225=225

3-Mass of the Sun is 594000000000000000000000 write in Scientific form.

4-Ark of Noah was of how many yards?

5-Last wife of Holy Prophet?

6-Change into passive (Ali said that'I am playing cricket)

7-KurtarPur Border linked with which district?

8-Country who is going to be linked via raiway to Islamabad?

9-Which company Ali baba and sons hold?
(Honda Toyota Ford Nothese)

10-Mujahid Anwar got Legoen Award from which country?

11-Holy prophet did Hijrah in A.D?622

12-Jaweria Iqbal of high court belongs to which province?

13-Nitrous Oxide is a combination of which two gases?

14-Newly appointed governer of state bank?

15-Arif Alvi took oath which date?

16-Synonym of "To cut corners"?

17-Synonym of"To be a hot potato"?

18-Empirical Formula of Benzene?

19-Good condutor of electricity?
(Air water Gas All)

20-Function of heat engine?

21-Pakistan became a permanent member of Shinhai cooperation in?

22-3rd session of WHO in which country?

23-Which is the most fundamental pillar of Islam?Namaz

24-Who accompained Holy Prophet during the earlly preach of islam?Hazrat Abu bakar R.A

25-You must be varry _____ your own interest?to off with non these

26- Vietnam ki currency

27- Nato headquarter ?

28- PIA take over to ___ Marshal Arshad Malik

29- ATP stand for ____.

30- Tree take CO2 and release O2 ....sunlight

31- Gorgea president name _____ Female Salome

32- Blood formation in the body ______ A. heart B. Brain C.lungs D.none of these

33- Arif ilvi took charge on date ___.

34- Surah dukhan meaning ___ smoke

35- Antynom of a)astute b)equanimity c) cognizance

36- Governor of Sindh

37- The first ever female Justice Tahira safdar is chief Justice of which high court

38- HCF of 42,63,140

39- LCM of 26,56,104,182

40- 0.1+0.01+0.001=

41- World water day?

Antonym or Synonym

42- Cognizance

43- Amalgamation

44- Bane

45- Astute antonym?

46- Cynical synonym?

47- Chief justice of Balochistan high court ___ tahira Safdar

48- 43 russian diplomats ko kis country ne nikala tha because of killing a spy?

49- Change the narration..
He asked "what my name was"?

50- Change into passive
Who is knocking at the door?

51- Choose the correct!!options

  • The horse and carriage are at the door
  • The horse and carriage at door
  • The horse and carriage is at the door


52- No Eye color pigments in ???

53- Kala bagh can't built yet why?

  • Political conflict
  • India's involvement
  • None
54-  In which Gas in Forests?
A. more carbon dioxide,less oxygen
B. less carbon dioxide,more oxygen
C. both a,b
D. none

55- Religion of hazrat adam

56- Laughing gas composition?

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