FPSC FIA Inspector Batch 3 - 7th January, 2019 Paper Questions

Federal Public Service Commission FIA Inspector Batch 1 Questions 7th January, 2019.
Today Questions FIA Paper

1. Siri divi died in year - February 24, 2018
2. Guru bank anniversary no. - 449th birth anniversary
3. Trump govt expire in year ( trump tenure end date?) - End year 2025
4. Us President tenure - 8 years
5. Strongest party in UK - Conservative and Unionist Party
6. W.H Bush died on - November 30, 2018
7. Bogra formula date - 7 October 1953
8. Najebullah is title of which prophet - Dawood A.S
9. PVC full form - Polymerization of vinyl chloride
10. Literal meaning of Devil - Satan
11. kalima no.5 - Astghfar
12. Urdu declared National language
13. Which is favourite religion of ALLAH...islam
14. current crown prince of saudi arabia
15. Trump belong to which party - Republican Party
16. Who accepted Islam first from slaves? Hazrat Bilal Habshi
17. 1-{1-[1-(1-1)]} =?
18. Antonym of sabotage - devotion,faithfulness,fidelity,loyalty
19. deficiency of vitamin c can cause? Scurvy
20. square root of "x" will be equal to 64.. Ans: 8
21. how many stages are there in islam.. Seven
22. Old  name of ECO - RCD
23. American 41's President died on which date?  30th November 2018
25. Malaysian new president's term? Monarch
26. g20 2018 held in? Buenos Aires, Argentina
27. Separation of Britain is due in which date?
28. Saudi Journalist was killed in which country?
29. who is the saudi crown prince?
30. who is current interior minister of pakistan?
31. current chairman senate of pakistan?
32. Name of CM of balochistan? Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo
34. if age of 3 person is 23, and if we add fourth person what would be the age of him to keep the same average.
35. When first constituent assembly was dismissed?
36. When Bogra formula was presented?
37. Depth of Aabe Zam Zam well?
38. Seedless friuts are called?
39. Study of sound is called?
40. A question about Laws of thermodynamics?
41. A question on ohm's law.?
42. Electrons in 3rd orbit?
43. When urdu became national language?
44. Gomal zam dam kahan hai
45. Stages of quran
46. Kalm a astaghfar?
48. 1962 constitution kab effective hua
49. US Ex president Bush jo foat hua kis date ko hua
50. Senat of chairman
Guru nanak ka knsa bday manaya gaya recently
51. US Main knsi party iktadar main hai
53. ECO head quarter
53. Fifa world cup kn jeeta tha
54. Who is Najeeb ullah.?
55. G20 kahan hui last
56. Mahatir mohd PM malaysia elected for how many times
57. Seperation of british from EU?
58. Saudi arabia crown prince name
59. British exit date from EU
60. UK president party?
61. Who is looking after portfolio of interior ministry
62. What was agricultures sector cintribution ti GDP in 2011-12
63. England ky PM Theresa May kis Party ha ? Conservative
64. Brexit say kb nikalna ha UK ay ? 29 March 2019
65. HW Bush 40th President kab mara? 30 Nov, 2018
66. Ozone ?
68. Galileo nay kia sabit kia tha k falling object ky kia chz same rehty? Acceleration
69. First Gulam of Islam? I think Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris
70. Q: Saudi Journalist Kashoggi was assassinated in which country?
A. Syria
B. Turkey
C. Egypt
D. None of these
2nd Source of Paper  Batch 3 - Today (7-1-2018) paper FIA current affairs
1. G20-2018 summit held in..... Argentina
2. US President max tenure (8 years, 10 years, 12 years)
3. US 41th president HW Bush died in... 8 dec 2018
4. US presdent belong tp which party... Republican
5. US president Donald Trump's tenure will end on... 2020
6. Current chairman of senat.... Sadiq sanjrani
7. Interior minister of Pakistan.....
8. Uk will exit from EU on.... 29 April 2019
9. UK's exit from EU through BREXIT shall be completed on... March 2019
10. FIFA 2018 won by.... France
11. Ruling party in UK... Conservative
12. Kasoghi died in... Turkey.
13. Current head of KSA.... Suleman Bin Abdul aziz
14. CM of Balochistan..... Jam kamal
15. President of Malaysia became president___times
A. 1st time. B. 2nd times. C. 3rd timess
16. Indian actress Siri Devi died in.
A. 2015. B. 2016. C. 2018
17. Birthday of Baba guru nanak is celebrated by sikh community in 2018. Its birthday anniversary is
A. 549. B. 550. C. 551
18. One belt, one road project of china is
A. Part kf CPEC. B. CPEC is part of it

General Knowledge.
1.When Governor General Ghulam Muhammad abolished constitution assembly.
2. Bogra formula by M Ali Bogra was presented in?
3. When Urdu became national language?
4. Natiomal bird of Pakistan.


1. Najeeb ullah is the title of
2. Depth of zam zam well
3. No of kalma "Astagfar"
A. 4. B. 5. C. 6.
4. Litteral meaning of Sehtan
5. Stages of Quran

1.Current in a conductor js directly proportional of voltage accros conductor. This theorem is called..... Ohm's law.
2. Two bodies A and B is thermally equilibrium w.r.t thrid body C. So body A and B are also in thermally equilibrium. This theorem is called.
A. 1st law of thermodynamics
B. 2nd law of Thermodynamic
C. Zeroth law of thermodynamics
3. Fruit without seeds kike banana called.
4. Deficiency of vitamin C
5. Study if science which deals with energy of cells in body.
A. Biology. B.Bioenergetics. C. Biochemical
6. 3rd isotopes of hydrogen called.
7. Ozon layers
A. Reduce floating germs in air
B. Increase floating germs in air
C. Kill floating germs in air

1. Scanty
2. Sabotage
3. Rupture
1. Reticent
2. Roomy
3. Rupugnance

1.when pigs fly
2. Break the ice.
3. Once in blue moon

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