FPSC FIA Inspector Batch 4 - Solved Paper - 7th January, 2019

Federal Public Service Commission FIA Inspector Batch 4 Questions 7th January, 2019.

1. Who was the First President of Pakistan ? Ans Iskander Mirza
2. CFC Stands for ? Ans Chloroflourocarbon
3. FATF stands for ? Financial Action Task Force
4. General Ziaul Haq imposed martial law in Pakistan in which year? 5th July 1977
5. CPEC project was started in which year? May 2013
6. Kartapur is situated in which district of Pakistan? Narowal
7. Name the journalist who died in Turkey Embassy? Jamal Khashoggi
8. What is the chemical name of sale? Sodium Chloride NaCl
9. Who is the Federal Education Minister of Pakistan? Shafqat Mehmood
10. In US Senate Senators are elected for the period of __ Years ? 6 Years
11. 1956 Constitution of the Pakistan was formulated under the leadership of ? Chaudary Mohammad Ali
12. Name the Ex USA President who died in November 2019? George HW Bush
13.What is meant by Ushr? 10% tax on irrigated land
14. Fist General Election in Pakistan held in which year ? 1970

1. Smudge: Blur
2. Crumble: Disintegrate
3. Glide: Move Smoothly
4. Erratic: Consistent
5. Compatible" Different in Temperament
6. Emancipate: Enslave
7. Face the Music: Face Reality
8. Piece of Cake: Easy Task
Current Affairs and Pakistan Affairs:
9. 18 Amendment Passing Date? April 08, 2010.
10. Pakistan declined cheap loan offer of which country in Feb, 2018? Japan
11. First British Governor of Punjab Tenure? 1947-49
12. Which party won a landslide victory in 1970 election? Awami League
13. Zia declared Martial Law on? July 05, 1977.
14. ECO was founded in? 1985
15. Liaquat Ali Khan was martyred on? 16 October
16. CPEC was signed between Pakistan & China? 2015
17. Who won Women's Hockey World Cup 2018? Netherlands
18. When Kartarpur border will be opened? 2019
19. Members of US house of representatives are elected for? 2 Years
20. US Members of Senate are selected for? 6 Years
21. PPP recently celebrated? 51 th Anniversary
22. Echo of Big Bang through Waves? Cosmic Waves
23. Journalist Kasshoggi belonged to? Saudi Arabia
24. Which President of US died recently? H.W. Bush
25. Kartarpur border in which district of Pakistan? Narowal
26. UN headquarters in? New York, USA
27. UK decided to leave EU? By a Referendum
28. Longest Serving PM of Malaysia? Dr. Mahatir Muhammad
29. Longest Ruling Part in Sindh? PPP
30. Who is supporting Syria in War? Russia
Islamic Studies
31. Who made Arabic an Official Language? Abdul Malik Marwan
32. Surah Zakhraf means? Gold
33. Battle which was fought in Ramadan? Ramadan
34. Which Night in Ramadan? Laila Tul Qadar
35. Types of Hajj? Three Types
36. Al Aruba was the name of which day before Islam? Friday
37. Hazrat Summaya was Martyred in? 5th Year of Prophet-hood
Everyday Science
38. Echo of Big Bang through Waves? Cosmic Waves
39. Which material is used to make permanent magnet? Cobalt
40. Induction Current in motor depend upon? Resistance and Speed of Motor
41. Coulomb is equivalent to? Ampere-Second
42. Gall Bladder is party of? Digestive System
43. Pneumonia directly effects? Respiratory system or Lungs
44. NH3 is a base because it gives? OH- ions
45. NANO3 is produced by which acid? HNO3

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