FPSC FIA Inspector Batch 6 | 08 Jan 2019 FPSC Paper Questions

Federal Public Service Commission FIA Inspector Batch 6 Questions 8th January, 2019

Inspector FIA solved paper Batch 6

Prime Minister of India affiliated with which Political Party ? Ans BJP

India election 2019 ?   (A) 1st half of 2019  (B) 2nd half

FIFA World Cup 2019 held in which Country ? Russia

What was the initial estimate of CPEC Project ? $46 Billion

There are how many types of Lunar Eclipse ? 3 Types

CNG Stands for What? Compressed Natural Gas

1st Ghazwa of Islam ? Abwa

Change the Voice " Open the Door" ?
 Let the door be opened?

Panama Canal connects Pacific Ocean with ______? Atlantic Ocean

Who was the first Muslim Army Chief of Pakistan? Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan

When the General Zia Ul Haq addressed in UN? 23rd October 1985

Name the Gas which is used in Soft Drinks ? Carbon Dioxide

Simla Conference was held on ____? 1945

Suez Canal is situated in which Country? Egypt

Headquarter of G-20 Nations is situated in _______?

Lord Mountbatten was died on ? 27th August 1979

Who was Abul Masakeen ? Hazrat Jafar Tyar (R.A)

5.333 is what kind of number?

1st army chief of pakistan

first finance minister of pakistan

which muslim country guest invited on 23 march 2019.

highest muslim population country

cube root of the 64 =

fifa last world cup held in which country?

last cencus of pakistan held in?

india election kb hngy 2019 ky first half mn ya 2nd mn

10. modi party

11. simla agreement between pak and ind

12. birth of hazrat Fatima how earlier than nabuwat

13. Holy prophet performed namaz eid in?

14. who wrote sulah hudebia

15. Hazrat Muhammad SAW and Hazrat AbU bakar Siddiq RA stay in cave hira

16. US started govt as:

17. Washington status is: capital, state or what

18. if 3 person are doing a bussiness of A.25000 b.15000

c.10000 inko profit hota ha 3500 ka tu is mn C ka share kitna hoga.

19: if 3 men and 5 women completing a piece of work in 12 days if 6 men and 5 women doing same work how many days they will take to complete it?

20. if a bucket fill with water 3/7 in one minute how much time it will take to be full?

21. 1:3 2:5 7:9 8:4 smallest knsa ha?
22. if 6 dozen eggs are for 48 rupees then 132 eggs are for how much?
23. unit of work is?
24. G8 is organization of which countries?
24. Hq of G20 is in?
25. national flower of pakistan?
president of pakistan is elected by?
national assembly
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