FPSC FIA Inspector Batch 7 | 09 Jan 2019 FPSC Paper Questions

Federal Public Service Commission FIA Inspector Batch 7 Questions 9th January, 2019

Today's FPSC paper
FIA Investigation Batch 7 morning

1- Hallucination antonym... reality
2- Disgorge Antonym ...
3- Impertinent synonym... Brazen
4- Call it a day idiom....  Stop working
5- A dim A dozen .... Something Common
6- Expedient synonym... (ghlt keya esy by mistake :( )
7- Baqi prepositions and Chnge of voice thy... jo maii yaad..
8- Human rights Day ... 10 Decmeber
9- Kartharpur corridor in which district ...
10- IDEAS date .... 27 Nov-30 nov
11- Inaugurated by ... President Alvi
12- Petroluem Division minister... ghulam sarwar
13- Advisor To PM on Austerity.....
14- Solar summit sy tha aik jo naii yaad pura
15- Ghazwa e Badar..... 313
16- Hazrat umar RA birth year....
17- 7 rounds of Kabba called..... Tawaf
18- First woman who embraced Islam.... hazrat khadija RA
19- Hazrat Ayub py kthny surah hy in quran (kch es thra sa qstn tha)....
20- Hazrat Youdaf AS ke umer kia the jub Egypt migration ke the....
21- Hatff 7 missile range.....
22- Ozone layer blocks which rays... UV
23- Red blood cells colore is red bcz of ... Heamoglobin
24- A wire of resistance 6 ohms cut into two pieces , and connected into paralle then what will be the total resistance.... 1.5 ohm
25- Fat soluble .... D A E ( All of the above)
26- Aids spread by Air or water or both... i marked None
27- water and salt mixture is seperated to gain both ... Distilation ( i marked evaporation :( )
28- Sand from Water ...... i marked filtration
29- Afghan Ambsdr to pak... Mashal khan
30- Pak ambsdr to un... maleeha lodhi
31-Pakistan recently elected as a member in whoch organization.... International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
33- A,B,C,D consective odd integers average= 42 what would be the multiplication of B and D.....
34- which one is smallest peime number ... answer= 2
35- which is not prime number.... 93
36- Which one is not prime number 61

37- First summit of OIC held in which country? Ans Rabat, Morocco

38- Second summit of OIC held in which country? Ans Lahore , Pakistan

39- In 1988 who was the President of Pakistan? Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Zia Ul Haq

40- In 1988 who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan? Benazir Bhutto

41- Mangla Dam was constructed with the help of ? World Bank and Asian
Development Bank

TAPI gas pipeline also known as ?

Zarb ul Azb was launched in which area of Pakistan ? All Pakistan

Radul Fasad was led by which Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan? General Qamar Bajwa

How many members does the US House of representative have? 435

During 1965 war with India who was the President of Pakistan? Ayub Khan

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi belong to which class ? Modh Ghanchi

Teli Other Backward class

Deficiency of Vitamin C can cause ? Scurvy

Sun is a ____? Star

Pulse rate in Adults  is ____? 60 to 100 beats per minute

Which Dam was built in 1967 ? Mangla Dam

How much Zakat on Agricultural land?

Pakistan China Border Agreement in which year? 1963

Arthritis is a disease of ? Disorder of the Joints

Most Abundant element on the earth crust? Oxygen

How many liters of the blood and adult human being have ? 5-6 liters

How many times Kalima Tayiba is mentioned in the Holy Quran ? 2 times

Charter of Madina was issued in which year ? 1 Hijri

Who was the President of Pakistan in 1988 ? Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Zia Ul Haq

How many Rukus are in  Holy Quran ?  540

What is meant by word Tehlil? Recitation of Kalima

Submitted by: Sanobar Khan

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