FPSC FIA Assistant Director Batch 1 | 09 Jan 2019 FPSC Paper Questions

Federal Public Service Commission FIA Assistant Director Batch 1 - Questions 9th January, 2019

1.UNHCR HQ is in.

2.International Peace day celebrated on which date?

3 Rohingian Muslims are killed in which country?

4. When Muslim migrayed to Afghanistan?

5. Muslim met at simla with Lord Minto in?

6. Lord Minto was.   (viceroy of India)

7. Partition of Bengal occured


8. No verses in 1st ayat?

9. Nimaz Kisoof offered during which occasion

10. Prophet(SAW) died in.   (11AH)

11. Prophet SAW offered hajj in.       632 AD

12. Name of surah with out Bismillah

13. How many surat are on the name of prophets

14. Zakat purpose
              A. To purify wealth
              B. To distribute wealth equally
              C. To eliminate poverty
              D. All of these


15. Long sighted corrected by which lenses.

16. Physiology is study of
       A. Study of body structure
       B. Study of functions of body
       C. Study of cells

17. Deficiency of Vitamin A caused

18. Deficiency of Vitamin D caused

19. Most abundant element in universe

20. Most abundant element in earth crust

21. Human body have blood
        A. 5 litter
        B. 6 litter
        C. 4 litter

22. Human breathe how much air in a day

Current affairs

23. UN report regarding Kashmir issue in.

24. G20 2018 summit hosted by

25. UK will exist from EU on

26. One road one belt project of China is for

27. SAARC bussiness enclave 2018 hosted by
      A. Nepal.     B. Pakistan.    C. Bangladesh

28. Theme of earth day 2018

29. US fined 600 billion dollar on which country due to bussiness terif(something like that)


30. Sum of first 50 positive even integer

31. Sum of first 50 positive odd integer

32. Sum of infinite series 1+1/3+1/9+1/27.....

33. Product of comolex number and its conjugate is
     A. Always real   B. Always complex

34. No of diagnols of 8 sided figures

35. Triangle having sides a=96, b=70 and c=50. Largest angel formed by which side
      A. a.     B. b.      C. c
36.  Work done by Force F(2i+2j+k) and distance of P(0,0,0) and Q(1,2,2).

36. Momentum of Force F(2i+2j+2k) And Point Q(1,2,2)

37. One question about find projection of one vector upon 2nd vector(Note:vectors were given)

38. A man buy 6 coats, 4 trousers and 3 shirts. In how many way he can wear them?

39. A box have 9 white balls, 7 red balls and 5 blue balls. What is probability of having no white ball?

40. A box contains 9 red balls and 2 white balls. Probability of choosing any ball

41. A LMN triangle having points L(0,0,0), M(1,1,1) and N(2,2,2).what is centroid
      A. 0,0,0.   B. 1,1,1.     C. 2,2,2

42. Real part of inverse multiplication of 4+7j
FIA Act 1974

43. FIA act enforceable on
            A. Foreigner act 1946
            B. CPC 1908
            C. Both

44. FIA act enforceable on
            A. Repatriate act 1940
            B. Rent act 1950
            C. Both

45. Accodring to act FIA name is.  (Federal Investigation agency)

46. FIA act enforceable on
       A. Whole Pakistan
       B. Outside of Pakistan
       C. Only federal

47. FIA act applicable on
       A. Citizens and civil servant
       B. Only civil servant
       C. Only foreigners

48. code of criminal procedures are according to which act
        A. 1898
        B. 1899

49. Provincial police are constituted under which act.... 1961

50. Public servant is defined under which act....... Section 21 PPC 1860

51. Superintendent of agency shall vest in...... Federal Government

52. Administration of agency shall vest in..... DG FIA

53. Any member of agency
       A. Can seizure of property
       B. Can't seizure of property
       C. Both

54. Any member of agency can
       A. Can sell property
       B. Can't sell property
       C. Partial sell property

55. According to act sub-inspector of agency have power of..... Office in charge of police station

56. According to act, DG FIA have power of.... IG police

57. Who can constituted FIA..... Federal Government

58. Accodring to act, AD(legal) shall be.... Public Prosecutor
Submitted by: Sanobar Khan

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