FPSC FIA Inspector Investigation Batch 8 | 10 Jan 2019 FPSC Paper Questions

Federal Public Service Commission FIA Inspector investigation Batch 8 Questions 10th January, 2019

FIA Investigation Batch 8 (morning)

1. Pakistani boy name which performed toss for football worldcup for brazil and some other team.(Ahmed)
2. When Qibla was changed to kaaba? (2H)
3. When hazrat fatima and hazrat ali got married?
4. Hazrat qasim was first son  of Muhammad S.A.W.
5. when son of muhammad S.A.W hazrat ibrahim died?
6. Human right minister name?
7. Largest mud dam?
8. Num OIC members?
9. Operation raddul fasaad started?
10. Zarb e azab was named upon which ones one sword?
11. Total ghazwat?
12. Ghazwa badar was which num of ghazwa?
13. Pakistani team won hockey world cup for the first time?
14. Fastest 1000 runs in T20 made by?
15. Which two dams are expected to be started in 2019?
16. Which country allowed trade in it's own currency?
17. Which country made major financial help to pakistan?
18. Which one is major issue between india and pakistan after kashmir?
19. Unit of charge?
20. 2nd general elections held in year?
21. Sikh marriages related to some province...
22. All maths questions were from general interest and compound interest.
1. Deficiency of vitamin c causes?
2. Cause of jaundice?
3. Disease of rickets is caused by ?
4. Blood quantity in human body?
5. Pulse rate (average) in humans?
6. Device which converts chemical energy to electrical?
7. At which date Pakistan became the member of NAM?
8. Meesaq e madina date ?
9. Fast was indicated as farz in which hijrah?
10. Kalma Tayyaba comes in Quran how many times?
11. Last Governor General of Pakistan?
12. Prime Minister of pakistan in 1988 was?
13. At the timr of indo Pak agreement who was the President of pakistan ?
14. Operation Zarb e azb was started for what purpose?
15. Operation Raddul Fasad was started under which Army chief?
16. Cpec agreement amount is increased upto?
17. In 2018
18. Coal power plant in Sahiwal has made with the help of ?
19. NAB ESTABLISHED IN? 1997, par wha pe kuch or he tha.
20. Imran khan mediates bw? saudi and yemen.
21. WEF world economic forum conference in 2018. Geneva, Switzerland.
22. Which president died on 31st sept. Bush father
23. Density of water.
24. Highest odi score, Fakhar zaman.
25. tapi gas pipeline, connects ? East asia, south asia, ?
26. Prophet Muhammad Eldest son.
27. Which son of prophet died on, 8,9,10 hijri.
28. Bibi tahira name given to which Bibi?
29. Qibla direction changed in?
30. Pakistan Won world hockey cup in? 65, 77 or 1970.
31. Bibi fatima r.a married with Hazart ali r.a in which hijri? 9, 10, 2 hijri?
32. Which country give the largest bailout package to Pakistan? IMF, US, SAUDI.
33. Pakistani Nobel laureate, i think Malala yousif zai, Abdul salam ka b option tha
34. Which first hindu girl elected in Senate? Kirshna kohli.
35. Kirshna koli belongs to which party? PPP.
36. Raddaul fassad named after which islamic warrior? I think Khalid bin waleed.
37. sahiwal power project funded or constructed by? China, US , saudi ese kuch option the.
38. Badar battle was first or not?
39. How many abwas in Islam, 20, 25, 30.

He emigrated ___Afghanistan.

Idiom= ring the bell

Sentence correction
She passed the exam by working hard
Direct and indirect: 
she said to me, may you live long

Most Questions Time, Speed, Distance calculation

General Knowledge
PM and President in 1988
1st Elections in Pakistan year
Pak won Olymic Gold medal in Hocky last time..
6th Population census calculated in which year
CM of Indian Held Kashmir
Mody Belongs to which class
Zarb e Azab to remove teroriats in
a) Fata b) Swat c) blochistan d) All

Rada ul Fasad Started by
a) Gen Bajwa b) Gen Raheel Sharif

Everyday Science
Average Blood in Adults
Sensitive layer in eye
Most abundant on earth crust
Arthritis (disease) Related to (Part of Body)
Fundamentals of Islam
Prayers without Azan
Fast ...
Rakuh in Quran
Kalma Tayaba in Quran how many times?
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