FPSC FIA Inspector Investigation Batch 9 | 10th Jan 2019 FPSC Paper Questions

Federal Public Service Commission FIA Inspector investigation Batch 9 (evening) Questions 10th January, 2019

Batch 9..
1. 1st constitute assembly of pakistan, date?
2. neither hawk nor dove book writer?
3. basha dam construction time?
4. date of rah e rast operation?
5. afghan kingship toppled by?
6. us presidential election seats, state seats determine on what?
7. how to remove British pm?
8. 73 constitution approved on which date?
9. uncle of Hazrat Umar R.A was scholor of?
10. birth place of Hazrat loot?
11. car sold at 5% profit, if bought at 10% less and sold at 20% more whats the cost of car?
12. remote control communicate on?
13. dimension of Momentum
14. gut by abdus salam on ?
15. no of atoms in carbon?
16. sensation in skin due to?
17. tissues , mussles made up of?
18. banana is ? tree plant or herb
19. electric field direction ?
20. which one is not kind of plants? abacus acacia
21. what is satiety ?
23. Soap was invented by Prophet Saleh ( AS)
24. Hazrat loot was born in Haran
25. 3 hazrat Ali accepte islam form childrens
26. Basha dam is constracte with indus revier
27. Gawadar purchased form oman 5.5 billion
28. Ehsan mani ia current chairman of PCB
29. Yasir Shah joins Imran Khan in Pakistan record books with 14 wickets against New Zealand. DUBAI
30. Second Nobile prize won by malala youif zai 2014
31. 30 sep 1971 national Assembly formed
32. Banana furit have tree
33. Dry ice is solid form of carbon dioxide
34. Blood and musels are made of protein
35. In 1962 Pakistan official language is urdu and bangali
36. Labour day targedy palce in Chicago
37. Pressure unite is Pascal
38. Kilo watt is unite of energy

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