FPSC Appraising/ Valuation Officer Batch 2 - 27th April 2019 Original Paper

 Appraising /Valuation Officer Test Paper Batch 2 conducted by FPSC on 27th April 2019.

1. Peace Talks between Afghan Government and Taliban held in which Country recently? Moscow, Russia
2. First Case of Polio Virus found in which city Pakistan ? Bajur Agency
3. Last General Election 2018 was the ......... election of Pakistan ? 11th
4. Voter Turn Out in General Election 2018 was ......? 55.8
5. Bilawal get sword in election 2018 after how many years ?
6. Who is the Current Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court ? Justice Athar Minallah
7. Who is the Current Chief Justice of Federal Shariat Court? Sheikh Najam Ul Hassan
8. President Arif Alvi took oath as President of Pakistan on ? 9th September 2018
9. President of Muslim league after Quaid E Azam?
10. What was the reason behind shut down of US Government recently? For approval of  $5.7 Billion for construction of wall on Mexico border
11. Which team was the runner up team of FIFA World Cup 2018? Croatia
12. For the approval of Military Courts, the amendment made in the 1973 constitution was _____? 21st
13. Who is the current Deputy Secretary General of United Nations? Aminah J. Mohammed
14. Laser is discovered by Whom? Theodore H. Maiman
15. Shortcut key for spellings check? Alt+f7 keys
16. Which shortcut keys are used to move to next paragraph in Microsoft Word? Shift+ Alt Key
17. Which key is used to end Slide Show in Powerpoint? Escape
18. Which key is used to pause slides in Powerpoint? F Key
19. Which shortcut keys are used to close windows in Microsoft Word ? CTRL+W
20. Sum of digits from 1 to 100.
21. Bows in Quran
22. Date of partition of Bangal?
23. How many observer states of SAARC?
24. How many observer states of SCO ?
25. UN next high Commissioner for refugees?
26. in 1872 who was Viceroy of India?
27. After 1882 who was Viceroy of India (like that there was also one treaty mentioned in question)
28. Tahzib e Akhlaq was written by ?
29. Master slide (related question not remember).
30. Left penal in ppt presentation do not contains like that.
31. Microsoft access (related question not remember).
32. When prophet said I am the last prophet, brightening of hands was miracle of,
33. Total ayaats of sajda?
34. Al-muta is the book of??
35. Symbol of sward awarded to bilawal bhoto after how many years?
36. Cause of American shut down?
37. KPK deputy speaker

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