Preventive Officer BPS 16 - 28 April 2019 - Morning Batch

Preventive Officer BPS 16. (28.04.2019) Morning Batch

General Knowledge 

1. Partition of Bengal?
2. When ZA Bhutto became PM?
3. When Quaid E Azam join all India Muslim league and Indian Congress?
4. Who dissolved 2nd goverment of Nawaz Sharif?
5. Who is Chief Justice of Shariat Court?
6. Advisor of defence council of Indian government ?
7. Who wrote Train to Pakistan?
8. Who wrote Jinnah of Pakistan?
9. Indian government thinks which organization is involved in pulma attak?
10. Where was 1st conference of Saarac held?
11. In 2006 Nawaz Sharif and Benazir signed?
12. How many states are in EU?
13. ICC stands for?
14. Who imposed 4th martial law?
15. Who was prime minister in 1971?
16. What is literacy rate of Pakistan in 2017?
17. ECCC convicted khmer Rough leader found guilty of genocides in combodias.
18. Who refused to support pakistan in FATF 2018.
19. Who is the current indian National security adviser.
20. Novel The train to pakistan was written by
21. American congress consist of.
22. Literacy rate in pakistan
23. Biggest country of africa
24. Zika virus is caused by
25. Pm of pakistan when 1st assembly dissolved

General Science Biology Portion:

1. Blood does not coagulate inside the body due to the presence of
(A) Haemoglobin
(B) Heparin
(C) Fibrin
(D) Plasma

2. The pancreas secretes
(A) Insulin
(B) Vitamin A
(C) Bile juice
(D) None of these

3. The function of haemoglobin is
(A) To transport oxygen
(B) Destruction of bacteria
(C) Prevention of anaemia
(D) Utilization of energy

4. A vegetable containing sulphur is?
(A) Potato
(B) Cabbage
(C) Brinjal
(D) Pumpkin

5. Heightened emotion is caused by
(A) Pituitary glands
(B) Thyroid glands
(C) Adrenal glands
(D) Salivary glands

6. Wisdom teeth normally grow between the age of
(A) 34-40
(B) 17-30
(C) 45-55
(D) 10-17

7. Biopsy is done on
(A) Tissue taken from a dead body
(B) Tissue taken from a living body
(C) Blood from veins
(D) Blood from arteries

8. Chromosomes are
(A) Present only in the nucleus of a cell
(B) The biggest in number in human cells
(C) Made up of DNA as a main component
(D) Visible in all cells at every time

9. Short sightedness is due to:
(A) Shifting of the iris
(B) Weaker muscles
(C) Elongation of eyeballs
(D) Weakening of the retina

10. Which of the following hormones contains iodine?
(A) Adrenaline
(B) Insulin
(C) Testosterone
(D) Thyroxine

Chemistry Portion:
11. Which one of the following has the highest fuel value?
(A) Hydrogen
(B) Charcoal
(C) Natural gas
(D) Gasoline

12. The characteristic odour of garlic is due to
(A) A chloro compound
(B) A sulphur compound
(C) A fluorine compound
(D) Acetic Acid

13. Which of the following group of compounds constitute carbohydrates?
(A) Fats and sugar
(B) Fats, sugar and proteins
(C) Starch, sugar and proteins
(D) Starch and Sugar

14. X-rays are produced when a stream of electrons in an X-ray tube
(A) Hits the glass wall of the tube
(B) Strikes metal target
(C) Pass through a strong magnetic field
(D) None

15. Oxidation involves
(A) Gain in electrons
(B) Gain in hydrogen
(C) Loss of electrons
(D) Combustion

16. Smoke is an example of?
(A) Gas dispersed in liquid
(B) Gas dispersed in solid
(C) Solid dispersed in gas
(D) Solid dispersed in solid

17. Mixture of two metals is called
(A) Dispersion
(B) Alloy
(C) Daimler
(D) Terrycott

18. During electrolysis, metals are deposited at the cathode, because the cathode?
(A) Supplies electrons
(B) Withdraw electrons
(C) Undergoes oxidation
(D) None of these

19. With the rise in temperature conductivity of metals?
(A) Decreases
(B) Increases
(C) Remains unchanged
(D) May decrease or increase

20. Most of the known elements are?
(A) Metals
(B) Non-metals
(C) Transition metals
(D) Inner transition metals

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