FPSC Computer Operator 30th April 2019 Paper MCQs

Today Computer operator paper candidates remember few questions
Compiled by AsanMcqs (if you find mistakes, Apology)

1. Computer understands only which language ... machine language

2. Which technique is used to develop progrm in modules

3. Array declarations syntex ... int arr[5] = new num[]; ? 
Int arr()=new int(5)

4. Which method dont need class object for calling? static

5. Last statement executed in a function ? return

6. When value are passed to function its called?

7. Which control statement do nothing if fail

8. Control statement inside a control statment? nested

9. In flow chart which represent contorl statment ... process

10. If a veriable a=0 it means what ... initialized

11. How variable are protected from values changing ..... by declaring var global

12. Computer graphics provides how many ways of communication?

13. Which command is use while intitilizing variable in visual basic

14. How can we protect a method to used in child class.... By using final keyword

15. Which is design first in visual basic program??? UI.... Properties... Etx ... interface

16. Instruction which executed after the first instruction....sequence instruction

17. Black signals White signals ? Zero One (0,1)

 18. A progm is called.... which use all resources and run within buget ... Efficient

19. System is called what when its has error but still runs ... who bear fault

20. For 2 way communication? Half Duflex , Full duplex, [Multiplex]

21. In Java, 3*4%6+5*4 will result? 20

22. Which progm is use to shift progrm in memory for execution?

23. Worldwide wide web protocol? Http

24. What use in ecomerce pages? ssl

25. What was exact question of OSI layer?

26. Data sharing from one computer to another through? network

27. If error occurs during program and programs run successfully what was that? user friendly

28. New operator in C++ .....  Overloaded or overriden or non of these

While(1=<10) court"hello";
10,8, infinite time, none

30. System programmer or application programmer?

31.  16*16 in unix take memory? 1024,512

32. Assign the value with zero mean? Royal adjective

33. he bought a new car? Simple, compond?

34. Do while loop one if it wrong?

35. A programe will run if it faulty? Interactive userfriendly?

36. System and Application programer?

37. In order to access the data from different file? FTP

38. Dialogue control which layer?

39. Wait for Rana and _____ ? I, me

40. ______you look beutiful? wow!

41. He is to work or something like that? to work is indefine verb

42.  _____ have to want to do ? what

43. Framgentation can be removed by? Segmentation

44. He is looking to kill him, Which is transtive verb? Kill or looking

45. He left the house without the permission of his mother? without is preposition

46. Honestly is the best policy ? Policy is _____abstract noun

47. Time sharing & Multitasking OS?

48. In ------ os system anyone can access data from the computer at different place? Network

49. Error free dilivery from which layer? Data link layer

 50. What is subnetmask?

51. The movement of different attributes of image would make the image dynamic and such a dynamic effect is termed as ________
None of these

52. Which method are used to construct and position the straight lines, arcs and circles, etcs
Rubber band method
Gravity field
None of these

53. Which are used to connect a line to already drawn line
Rubber band method
Gravity field
None of these

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Submitted by: Asan Mcqs

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