PPSC Care Taker BS-14 (L&HR) 27 April 2019 Morning Paper (10:00 am)

PPSC Care Taker BS-14 (L&HR) 27-04-2019 (10:00 am)

Paper MCQs type
General Ability (Written Test of 100 marks and 90 minutes
Questions relating to English, Urdu, General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics & Islamic

1. Ctrl + D
2. Mentomarlyaslahat
3. Bap kegunanh is written by Hakeem Ahmad Shuja
4. FrhangyAsfiya is written by
5. R. pounting is Capitan of
6. Nerobi is a capital of
7. Konda Lissa rise?
8. Total Census in Pakistan till 2018
9. After Pakistan Resolution who said that the divison of sud-continent is necessary?
10. General election in Pakistan?
11. First CM of Punjab?
12. Cathe-Pacific is the airline of?
13. Largest ocean?
14. First president of Indian congress?
15. Art of secret writing?
16. First preidient of UNO?
17. Surah Mominoon in which Para?
18. Molna Muhammad alijoher studied in which college?
19. Aam ul huzn year?
20. HazratUmernykis surah symutasir ho k islamqaboolkia? Surah Taaha
21. WIPo stand for?
22. Punj Shumba?
23. Drama is word of ____ language?
24. The leader of infidels during battel of Uhad?
25. Confess / deny
26. Marathon race ____ km?
27. Type writer is a form of thermal printer
28. Sasipunofoke story belong to Balochi
29. The angel of jhanam? Malik
30. Rabat is capital of Marakish
31. Dinar is currency of Kuwait
32. 23 seats in senate from each province
33. Khawja Asif defense minister during Nawaz’s government
34. Which submarine is used in mission 1971.
35. From 1951-58 Commander in chief of Pakistan army? Ayyub Khan
36. Itartas is a news agency of Russia.
37. Current famous Pakistani calligrapher?
38. Lazier printer disadvantages?
39. The mountain which separate Asia from Europe?
40. 2nd largest river of USA?
41. Siachain Glacier is located in?
42. Paw of cat is related to---- hoof of horse.
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