PPSC Assistant (Planning & Development) 28 April 2019 Paper

PPSC’S PAPER OF ASSISTANT PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT HELD ON 28-04-2019 will help in PPSC Jobs Test or Recruitment Test.

1. Pakistan Steel Mills were established in? 1973
2. Which Woman Player of Pakistan Cricket Team has taken 100 ODI Wickets? Sana Mir
3. Lahore Declaration between India and Pakistan was made in? 1999
4. Which of the following has eyes bigger than its brain? Ostrich
5. Famous Cook Zubaida Tariq passed away on? 4th January, 2018
6. Cock and Bull story? Fake Story
7. Which country has direct access to Black Sea? Georgia
8. Who has returned the prestigious Legion d’honneur of France in April 2018? Bashaar Al Asaad
9. Length of Penality Area of Football? 16.50 meters
10. Which gas is used in Balloons? Helium 
11. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by British author? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
12. Founder of Tughlaq Dynasty? Ghias Uddin Tughlaq
13. Snocker Championship of 1994 was won by? Muhammad Yousuf
14. Who was C-in-C of Pakistan army before Yahya Khan? Gen. Musa Khan
15. Prime Minister at the time of promulgation of 1956 Constitution? Ch Muhammad Ali
16. Mohsin Hamid is? British fictional writer
17. He----upon his privacy? Intruded
18. Father of Psychoanalysis? Sigmund Freud
19. Mode of the numbers 3,9,0,2,50,3,0,1? Zero (0)
20. SAARC General Secretary? Amjad Hussain Sial
21. Khalil Ullah? Hazrat Ibrahim A.S.
22. Zimbabwe Cricket Team’s nick name? The Chevrons
23. Rotation of Earth is? West to East
24. 1 Mega Byte = 1024 Giga Byte
25. Last Census in Pakistan were held in? 2017
26. Which Surah is called Babul Quran? Surah Fateha
27. Salim Ullah Khan was ? Nawab of Dhaka
28. Which states were given to India with Mala fide intentions in Red Cliff Award? Pathankot, Gurdaspur
29. UN Charter came into force on? 24th of October, 1945
30. Richter Scale is used to measure? Earthquake
31. Who is famous for his six points? Sheikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman
32. Weather of Earth changes due to? Winds and Storms
33. Strait of Malaca connects? Malaysia and Indonesia
34. Nigerian Currency Name? Naira
35. How Many goals of UN for Sustainable development? 17
36. Nearest district from Lahore is? Sheikhupura
37. The Holy Book Zaboor was revealed upon? Hazrat Daud A.S.
38. Synonym of Exorbitant? Extortionate
39. Friends Not Masters is written by? Ayub Khan
40. Ran of Kutch boundary is located in? South of Tharparkar
41. Total Number of Ghazwas in Islam? 29
42. Where Leather Tanning is done is called? Tannery
43. Quaid’s Mausoleum is in? Karachi
44. Vatican City is in? Italy
45. Smallest Particle of matter? Quarks
46. Telephone was invented by? Graham Bell
47. Syed Ahmed Shaheed founded? Jihad Movement
48. Non-Volatile Memory? ROM
49. Non Metal liquid at Room Temperature? Bromine
50. Which country has removed word Islamic from its name? Sudan
51. Synonym of Deficit? Shortfall
52. Largest Peninsula of the world is? Arabian
53. Pakistan purchased Gawadar from Oman in? 1958
54. Third source of Shariah is? Ijma
55. To fish in troubled waters? Try to gain advantage from someone’s problem
56. NAM summit in Durban in 1998 discussed about? Kashmir
57. Diamir Basha dam will be constructed upon? Indus River
58. Synonym of Tranquil? Calm

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