Custom Inspector/ Intelligence Officer Batch 8 - 1st May 2019 Paper

Custom Inspector/ Intelligence Officer Batch 8 - [01-05-2019] Original Paper will help in FPSC Jobs Test or Recruitment Test.

1. Who is the current speaker of national assembly,
2. Total voter turnout for Senate election
3. Minister of releigiou affairs
4. Quaid e Azam became permanent president of muslim league in 1934,35,37,1940
5. First round table table conference of muslim league in 1935,34,40,37
6. Hydro power of neelum jehalm is
7. Fata seats in kp assembly
8. Number of muslim alliance after addition of oman is
9. First martial law date
10. First constitution assembly president is
11. Total seats added in federal for Islamabad
12.Fifa football 2018 cup won by
13. During hijrat PROPHET ( SAWA )stay in cave..
14. Hawarii are the companions of hazrat mosam,Eisa alaihesalam
15. harofe jarah number is
16. Sanane ibne daud was compiled by
17. according to surah hujarat after eman big sin is..qatal, chorii,gaali
18. the boys play cricket..boy is sub,obje,noun
19. the bag is.....heavy. very,too,so
20. I have....him for long time. Saw,talked,stopped
21. _______ she is dead. Alas,oh,ah
22. Metal in combine state called
23. lime and salate are examples of stone..ignesecous, metamorphic ston,sadontory stone
24. melted stone over surface of earth called..magma,lava
25. Gathering of people in Beijing hall is remove the president after 2 consecutive govt , to extend 2 years in his govt, to make him life long president
26. who started hijricalendar
27. picture insert option is on..standard toolbar,formatting bar,
28. total number of column which can be added in MS word
29. Ghazabun-ghazeem is..murakabe izafi,tausifi,adadi
30. I saw the birds..word birds is noun,object,adverb
31. the theaf have been killed...the word killed is passive,very
32. short key to print is ctl-p
33. when ctl-z is pressed what happened
34. Short-sightened disease can be correct by..convex,concave lenses
35. metalargic process is...crystallization, rusting, roasting
36. petroleum is a mixture of.... hydrocarbons
37. urea Is a,nitrogenous, inorganic fertilisers
38. if price of 24 lambs is this then the price of 35 will be...
39. 44 is what percent of 890
40. 0.52 percent can be written in decimal as
41. founder of congress was..Ghandi,act
42. physics department of Quaid E Azam University is named ____.
43. When the quaid azam became the permanent member of muslim league
44. Help key in ms office f1
45. Adding new slide short cut key crtl+m
46. First round tabel conference held year 1930
47. Redo short cut crtl+ y
48. Asadullah is title of Hazrat Ali
49. Who is current us ambassador to pakistan paul w jhons
50. Excel is included which type of data?
51. Stop from slideshow Ese
52. Shortcut key to A1 crtl+home
53. Basha dam on Indus river
54. 1st martial law impose on 7 oct oct 1958

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