Bank of Punjab (BOP) MTO NTS Test Original Paper Questions

Bank of Punjab BOP For Management Trainee Officers (MTOs) Test Paper.



1.The glitters of star are not....
Golden. Glow. Glowing

2. This is ..... Bueatiful dress that I never have seen.
1.A 2. An 3.The 4.Some

3. The Glass is mineral and ...... water so.3.water so

2.Teeth: Dentist
3. Geology: Earth

1. Aditive inverse of itself 0
2. Asia is of total world 59.9 %
3. City of canal vience
4. Imf expected real gdp growth rate 3.1%
5. Caringly syn
6. Soothe syn
7. Fast syn
8. Extravagant ant
9. Devaluation of money.. Import increase
10. Dim : light analogy (heat radiate)
11. Geology: earth (archeology: artifact)
12. Islamic study question (hazrat muhammad dear one died hazrat khadiha and hazrat usman)
13..2 days after will monday what will be 18th of month (tuesday)
14. If you are facing west then turn 180 clockwise then again.... South west
15. Side of square is 12cm what will be perimeter (48)
16. In between 500 and 600 there are 18 numbers having 9 as one digit
17. Avg of 1 to 30 positive integers (31.5)
18. 1+4/2.../14/8 =1
19. age of father is 4 tines of son there sum is 50 what is father age
20. c is father of a and b a is son of c and b is not daughter of c what is relationship of b and c (son)
21. if x is divided by 5 the reminder is 4 and x is divided by 9 reminder is 0 what is x
22. if c... Is to... What is to audit?
23. if a price decreases by75 % after sale a increase of 20%
What is price now
24.Elegant ant
25.Cruelty. Ant
26.Major ant
27.Soothe syn
28 Involved syn
33.Teeth: Dentist analogy
34. Balochistan is famous for.. Oil minerals etc.
35.Yemen shares border with saudi arab and oman.
36. Exact time of interview 12:50
37. Only Subject seen from moon is great wall of china.
38. Source of energy _____. (Thermal.....Hydal.....Nuclear)
39. Question on series 33
40 number of distinct digits prime factir of 36 are 2

Topic of essay
"Role of public and private sector in economical growth of nation"
Paper Distribution 
Management Trainee Officer (MTO) The Bank of Punjab

Submitted by: Asan Mcqs

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