PPSC Planning Officer/ Assistant Director (BS-17) | 12 May 2019 | Original Paper

PPSC AD 08/2019  PLANNING OFFICER/ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (PLANNING) BS-17 Planning and Development Department Paper held on 12-05-2019.

1. Zia death date

2. Types of teeth

3. Blood clotting

4. Microsoft is an application software

5. Slide new start with

6. Volga is the river of Russia

7. Gestapo police force Germany

8. Jal Pari album Atif Aslam

9. Daughter of the East Benzair Bhutto

10. Length of Cricket Bat: 38 inch

11. Andras Aggasi is player of Tennis

12. Immenal Kent German Philisopher

13. Capital formation in underdeveloped countries Book was written by Nurske

14. Friends not master book:Ayub

15. Player in handball game:7

16. Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed R.A accepted Islam in which Hijri??

17. Haleem Sadia R.A ? Hawazian

18. Suraha Maryam Suraha Number in the Holy Quran is:19

19. Khatunm un Nabbijien? Suraha Ahzab

20. Nazam Tote Batote? Sufi Tabbasum

21. Union jack flag? UK

22. After suspended Egypt Membership of Arab League the HQ shifted to? Tunis

23. 2nd largest oil exporter? Russia

24. Burj ke jama? Buruj

25. One shaier Faiz Ahmed Faiz ka

26. Wafadari character of personality

27. Shams ul Ulma? Kitab,laqab,kuniyat

28. Indian Aircraft hijacking in 1971 named as Ganga

29. Asian Games named as Asiana

30. Durand line: Pakistan and Afghanistan

31. Tripartite agreement 1974 Pakistan,Bangladesh and India

32. Hague capital city of?Netherland

33. Melancholy synonyms? Sadness

34. Virtue Antynom vice

35. Active voice:Do not shut your book.

35. Active voice:He wrote a letter to a doctor.

36. 148 is divisible by

37. Half way of 103 and 301

38. A series question 88,85,78,69,52 etc

39. Midshipmen is a navy rank and its equivalent in Pak Army is 2nd liteutnmet

40. UK parliamentary system is two house system/two party system etc

41. Math mcq of divide*multiply series answer 4500

42. Ho jintao was the ex-president of which country? China/Japan

43. Islam karmov ex-president of Uzbekistan

44. To bury the hatchet:make peace

45. Rowaltt act 1919

46. Awaz dost mukhtar masood

47. Aramy staff college? Quetta

48. Osama bin Laden operation city? Abbaotabad

49. Plants and animals cannot live without?oxygen

50. One mcq answer was Atmosphere

51. Devoid meaning lacking

52. Math question 2/?, ?/50. Fit suitable number which is 10.
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