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Remaining Questions
Q41. The arrangement of leaves on the plant is called 
Ans. Phyllotaxy

Q42. Shade loving plants are called as 
Ans. Sciophytes

Q43. The plants with climbing roots or climbers are called
Ans. Climbers

Q44. The vascular bundles of angiosperm have
Ans. Tracheid and fibers

Q45. Casperian strips are present in the
Ans. Endodermis 

Q46. Exons are the 
Ans. Coding sequesnces

Q47. The process of splicing in post transcriptional modification is
Ans. the removal of introns and binding of exons

Q48. The cell without cell wall is called
Ans. Protoplast

Q49. In gymnosperm pollination occurs by
Ans. Wind

Q50. In peroxisomes ___ occurs 
Ans. Glyoxilic cycle (answer not confirmed)

Q51. Totipotency is 
Ans. is the ability of single cell to divide

Q52. Apoptosis is the function of 
Ans. Lysosomes

Q53. Which is true for DNA recombination in genetic engineering?
Ans. Cutting DNA part and ligating into vector then put it in an expression system

Q54. Indian Congress is founded by
Ans. A.O Hume

Q55. Quaid e Azam joined Muslim League in 
Ans. 1913

Q56. Father of Hazmat Muhammad (S.A.W) 
Ans. Hazrat Abdullah

Q57. City of Saints 
Ans. Multan

Q58. Osaka is the city of 
Ans. Japan 

Q59. Vyborg Historic center is located in 
Ans. Russia

Q60. If two coins are tossed simultaneously. What will be the probability of getting two heads?
Ans. 1/4

Q61. Nitrogen is a ____ nutrient.
Ans. Macronutrient

Q62. Aflatoxins are produced by 
Ans. Fungi

Q63. Allelopathy is 
Ans. The effect of one plant on another through production of toxins

Q64. Which gas is filled in balloons?
Ans. Helium 

Q65. The upper part of an aquatic ecosystem?
Ans. Plankton

Q66. In MS office, the button F8 is pressed three times to select?
Ans. a sentence

Q67. Choose the correct indirect speech:
He said: Keep silent and listen to my words.
Ans. He urged them to be quite and listen to him.

Q68. The primary memory stores 
Ans. All of these

Q69. Most primitive algae
Ans. Cyanophyta (Blue green algae)

Q70. Most advanced group of algae
Ans. Chlorophyta

Q71. Microfilaments are composed of protein?
Ans. Actin

Q72. Function of centriole is\
Ans. the production of spindle fibers

Q73. Cell wall of fungi contain 
Ans. Chitin

Q74. Yeast differ from bacteria in which character
Ans. being eukaryote

Q75.  Megasporophyll in gymnosperm is
Ans. Female cone

Q76. The reserve food material in fungi
Ans. Glycogen

Q77. Fruiting bodies of Aspergillus
Ans. Conidia

Q78. The flow of energy in ecosystem is
Ans. Unidirectional/ Down direction?

Q79. What digit should be added to 3450 to make it a perfect square?
Ans. 31

Q80. If 10 has a variance of 4 then rate of variance is 
Ans. 40%

Q81. Che Guevara was an Marxist revolutionary, belongs to 
Ans. Argentina

Q82. Nobel Prize winner in literature Nadine Gordimer belongs to?
Ans. South Africa

Q83. In 2018, export of Pakistan to China?
Ans. 1.8$ billion

Q84. Delhi pact in 1950 was signed by
Ans. Nehru and Liaqat

Q85. He knocked ___ his door.
Ans. at

Q86. Chemiosmosis is the 
Ans. production of ATP by adding H+ to ADP.

Q87. The dessert plants are called
Ans. Xerophytes

Q88. The temperature and conditions of Autoclave
Ans. ????

Q89. Allama Iqbal stayed in Europe? 
Ans. 1905-1908

Q90. Ratio of genotype of monohybrid cross
Ans. ???

Q91. Kranz anatomy in C4 plants
Ans. mesophyll cells and bundle sheath cells 

Q92. How to check homozygosity and heterozygosity in AABB (genes are not linked)?
Ans. test cross/ back cross/ self fertilization/ all of these??

Q93. The group of individuals living at the same place but they have different characters?
Ans. Ecotype/ Population?

Q94. terhi kheer hona?
Ans. Mushkil kam hona
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