PPSC Lecturer Botany (BS-17) | 06-12-2020 | 10:00 AM | Original Paper | PART 1

PPSC Lecturer Botany (BS-17) | 06-12-2020 | 10:00 AM | Original Paper 
Q1. Pakistan export in China in 2020?
Ans.1.6$ billion

0Q2. SARS Covid 2 has size?
Ans. 20-30 kb

Q3. Ferns are different from mosses?
Ans. vascular tissues

Q4. Pteridophytes have dominant generation?
Ans. Diploid

Q5. Late blight potato disease is caused by:
Ans. Ascomycota

Q6. The seize of bacteria is:
Ans. 0.5-5um

Q7. Obligate parasites are:
Ans. Viruses

Q8. DNA polymerase:
Ans. None of these

Q9. Psilotales are closely related to:
Ans. Bryophytes

Q10. Techeoic acid is found in:
Ans. Gram positive bacteris

Q11. Plant viruses are mostly: 
Ans. RNA viruses

Q12. Cell wall of bacteria is made up of:
Ans. Peptidoglycan

Q13. The waxy material is present in the cork cells called:
Ans. Suberin

Q14. Flagella are absent in:
Ans. Rhodophyta

Q15. The products of light reaction are:
Ans. ATP and NADH

Q16. ETC occur in :
Ans. Mitochondria

Q17. Which is the Red color pigment?
Ans. Phycoerythrin

Q18. Facultative Anaerobic bacteria :
Ans. ferment nutrients in the absence of nitrogen

Q19. The media used by microbiologist usually contain:
Ans. nitrogen source

Q20. Which is the predator fungi?
Ans. Puccinia

Q21. Agar Agar is obtained from
Ans. Geladium

Q22. Circinate vernation is present in:
Ans. Cycas

Q23. Carpospores are germinate to produce:
Ans. Sporophyte

Q24. In porogamy, the fertilization of seeds
Ans. the pollen tube into the ovule by the micropyle

Q25. Heterosporous condition is absent in 
Ans. Equisitum 

Q26. If 2n=20 then how many linkage genes are present? 
Ans. 10

Q27. If Rache is absent in diatoms:
Ans. pseudoraphe

Q28.The vernalization is examined in:
Ans. Cold countries

Q29. Which is not edible mushroom?
Ans. Amanita phalloids 

Q30. The digestive enzymes released in small intestine:
Ans. ???

Q31. The causal agents of Smut are:
Ans. Ustilago 

Q32. Meristematic tissues are present in
Ans. Anthoceros

Q33. Reserve food material in Bryophytes is
Ans. Starch

Q34. The death of plant or part of plant like leaves is called:
Ans. Senescence

Q35. Eight spores in 
Ans. Riccia

Q36. The age of plant can be estimated by
Ans. counting annual rings

Q37. The median of the numerical values:
Ans. The exact mid value

Q38. The re-newable fossil is
Ans. Biomass

Q39. C3 and C4 plants have cycle?
Ans. ????

Q40. The ___ leaves have resistance to CO2 and diffusion 
Ans. Small

Remaining Question is mentioned in Part II. If you have answers of above mentioned questions, must comment.

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