FPSC Custom Inspector 24 April 2019 Batch 2 Test | Original Paper

FPSC Custom inspector/ intelligence Officer (BS- 16) Paper Batch 2 Paper conducted by FPSC on 24 April 2019. The following questions were asked in today paper of Custom Inspector.

1.     Very high temperature is measured through which instrument ?
2.     Sound waves are.....?
3.     CNG Stands for what ?
Compressed Natural Gas
4.     Saudi Crown Prince Visited Pakistan on which date ?
 17th February 2019
5.     Name the Maldives President who recently win election ?
Ibrahim Mohamed
6.     Who is the Current National Security Advisor to Donald Trump in United States?
John R. Bolton
7.     Belgium won the hockey World Cup for how many times ?
 Only 1 time in 2018
8.     Alt+F9 short keys in Microsoft Word are used ____?
To toggle between all  the fields
9.     Which shortcut key is used to under line the word or sentence ?
10. Microsoft Access is used for creating ?
11. Allama Iqbal joined Indian National Congress in which Year?
12. Speed of Light is ?
300,000 KM/S
13. How to apply a double line strike to a word in MS Word?
14. What is meant by Al-Ahzab?
15. Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) narrated hadith
16. The sun shines in the sky
17. Hasina wajid became the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for ?
4th consecutive term
18. Which Short Cut Key is used to check spellings in MS Word ?
19. Who is the Current king Malaysia?
King Sultan Abdullah
20. France signed friendship treaty with which country ?
21. Father of Allam Iqbal?
Sheikh Noor Muhammad
22. Name the first female  Judge of high court of Pakistan?
Syeda Tahira Safdar
23. Which of the following is organic compound?
Ans C2H2
24. What is the Product of under root 18x and under root 8x
25. What is a Collinear point?
26. Which was the World first democracy according to the economic democratic index?
Ans none of these (Norway)
27. US impose 60 Billion Tarrif on which country?
28. While it started raining, we________cricket. Play, played, were playing
Ans: C were playing
29. Which of the following pair is scalar quantity: distance and speed
option C
30. Find LCM  of 3,5,15, 25
31. The product of 2 numbers is 500, there LCM is 500, what is HCF?
32. Xa, Xb =Xc/Xd , what is value of “d” in terms of a, b, c
Ans: c-b-a
33. Who was the foreign minister of Pakistan in 1965 ?
 Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
34. 250 is the 2.5 percent of which No.
(A) 1000 (B) 8,000 (C) 10,000
Questions Today Paper [Received from candidates]

1- Afghanistan 11.12.18 + Afghanistan 15.12.18
2- Maldives president recently win
3- ASEAN Economic conference
4- Belgium wins hockey wp for the :
5- Trump security advisor
6- Harrapa civilation:
7- Jews were in power
8- Al-ahzab meaning
9- 1st seerah
10- Best Qari among Prophet companion
11- Hadith written by Ayesha(RA):
12- Iqbal Joined Indian National congress in :
13- Allah like men :
14- Homologues:
15- Scalar Quantities
16- Alt+F9
17- Underline
18- Delete column
19- FreeForm, Scrippon
20- NextSlide
21- Pen from Arrow
22- 1st Slide
23- Ms Access DB
24- India-Nepph, al-China economic corridor
25- 45 degree, PH, Collinear Point, FreeFall, Maximum resultant
26- Noor muhammad was father of Allama iqbal
27- First Elected president of Pakistan ISKANDAR MIRZA
28- lower ph is more
29- bulgeria won the championship for the !st time
30- maldives presedent is Ibrahim muhammad salih
31- afghanistan started the economic talks with
32- first book on seerat was
33-how many hadith narrated by hazrat aisha
34-250 is 2 1/2% of what
35-√ 1/4+1/9 =

2nd source (social media)
1.     _____you have to answer all questions (hi!,hey!,hello!)
2.     None so blind as ______ that will not see(we,he,us)
3.     Time _____ is lost is never found again (which,that,this)
4.     With your help,he is prospering (simple,complex,active)
5.     The train wrecked due to rain(simple ,complex,passive)
6.     Running fast ,he soon out of breath (simple,compound,complex)
7.     Main ethnic factors in Harappa culture are?
8.     Al Ahzab meaning ?
9.     Number of Sulasi Mujarad?
10. Main centre of Jews was?
11. One symbol of servants of most merciful ??
12. First written book of Seerah?
13. Best Qari among companions of Holy Prophet s.a.w?
14. Homologous has same( density,state,chemical properties )
15. hazrat ayesha narrated hadith
16. The sun shines in the sky
17. Hasina wazid won 4th conservative term
18. Beautiful reciter of Quran pak during H.Muhammad reign/life
19. Key to spell check
20. Malaysia king sultan abdullah
21. France friendship treaty with which country 
22. Allama iqbal joined All india muslim league
23. Father of Allam iqbal
24. Ist femal high court judge of pakistan
we will update it ,when receive more questions.

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