FPSC Custom Inspector 25 April 2019 Batch 4 Test | Original Paper

FPSC Custom inspector/ intelligence Officer (BS- 16) Paper Batch 4 Paper conducted by FPSC on 25 April 2019. The following questions were asked in today paper of Custom Inspector.

1. He and _______ are great friends. none of these

2. Can you sing as well as ________. be

3. This is the best _______we can do. that

4. We often deceive ______. ourselves

5. I_____ here till Sunday. shall be

6. Make hay _______ the sun shines. while

7. ______ I am so lonely in this place. Alas!

8. _______ you did it again. Bravo!

9. ______dont make a noise the baby is asleep. Hush!

10. Your pen is _______ the box.

Identify kind of sentence from the given choices.

11. I write an essay. Simple

12. She said that she was happy. Indirect

13. I am happy and content. Compound

14. Do you like bread? Interrogative

15. I don't want to go. Negative

16. He won many medals. Simple

17. We could see the moon. Simple

18. I went because I was invited. Complex

19. Listen carefully and take notes. Compound

20. They rested when night came. Complex

Part II (General Intelligence / Professional)

23. The smallest 4-digit number using 0,3,5,8 is: 3058

24. How many two digit numbers are there which are divisible by 6? 15

25. (125)4/3 is equal to: 625

26. 2/3 of a number decreases its 4/5 by 8. The number is: 60

27. The greatest number which exactly divided 1050 and 750 is: 150

28. The L.C.M of 12,20,24,32 is: 480

29. The product of two numbers is 330. if their H.C.F is 11 then their L.C.M is: None of these

30. The product of 513 with itself is: 263169

31. The difference between the first two perfect squares that end with 6 is: 20

32. 3/4 of 28 is equal to 21/5 of what number? 5

33. 5/4 to 10/9 is same as: None of these

34. What fraction is exactly midway between 1/5 and 1/7 ? 6/35

35. If 2:7::44:x, then x is equal to: 154

36. What percentage of 720 is 36? 5%

37. Recently, ______ has been elected as Vice president of Financial Task Force? China

38. Which country has ranked at the top of "Soft Power" Index in the 2018?  UK

39. ________ has announced the Formation of the Iran Action Task Group (IAG) and to coordinate and run State policy toward Iran? USA

40. According to the World economic forum released "Global competitive report 2018" _____ has topped the list. USA

41. Recently The International Committee of Red Cross has released report  that over ______ people around the world are missing, which created global crisis. 100,000

42. Leaders of the World came together in _______ to lead the global commemorations to mark hundred years since the end of the 1st world War. Paris

43. The current President of the International crimin.al Court belongs to: Nigeria

44. International Day for the Elimination of Vi.olation against women is observed eeach year on: 25th November

45. The 33rd edition of the ASEAN summit concluded in _______on Nov,15,2018. Singapore

46. What is the theme of the 2019 World Cancer Day (WCD) ? I Am and I will

47. Who is the Chairperson of ICC? Shashank Manhore

51. When the great scientist and author 'Stephen Hawking 14th March 2018

52. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ranked is _____ position in the list of 2018. 9th

53. ______was the first Defence Minister of Pakistan? Nawab Liaquat Ali Khan

54. _______moved Objective Resolution? Nawab Liaquat Ali Khan

55. Quaid-e-Azam was born in a Karachi family on: Dec 25, 1876

56. What is the name of father o "Shah Walinllah"? Shah Abdur Rahim

57. Who translated the Holy Quran for the first time in Persian? Shah Waliullah

58. When Gandhi called off Non-cooperation Movement? Feb 1922

59. The first session of Khilafat Conference was held in: Delhi

60. Reference to Nehru Report by the all-parties convention, Jinnah formulated the Muslim demands which later on came to be known as his: Fourteen Points

61. Meaning of Al-A'raf is: Borderland between Heaven and Hell

62. Religion is Good Will" is saying of: None of these

63. Pillars of Islamic civilization are: Salat, Sa'um, Zakat & Hajj

64. How many Meeqat of Hajj for outsiders Hujjaj? Five

65. How long was the period of Abbasid dynasty? 508 Year

66. Who died in the "Year of Sorrow"? Hazrat Khadijha & Hazrat Abu Talib (R.A)

67. Salat ul Khasoof is offered at the time of: Lunar Eclipe

68. " محمد رسول اللہ صلى الله عليه وسلم " is a sentence: Jumla Ismia Khabria

69. Wind energy is the: Kinetic Energy

70. The founder of meteorology is: Aristotle

71. Acid rain is mainly caused by emissions of: Sulfar Dioxide and nitrogen Oxide in atmosphere 

72. About 50% of the Earth's crust, including the waters on the Earth and atmosphere, is: Oxygen

73. The fourth state of matter is: Plasma

74. The conversation of Alternate Current into Direct Current is carried our by; Rectifier

75. The following statement is not true for alkynes: They donot perform Baeyer's Test 

76. The coldest region in atmosphere is: Mesopause

77. The quantity of fresh water present on earth is only about: 2.5%

80. Dielectric constant of water at 18 degree C is: 80

81. Water gas is a mixture of: CO & H2

82. The chemical formula of magnetic oxide is: Fe2O3

83. The apparent weight of the person when the elevator is accelerating downwards is: Less than actual weight

84. The forces acting at a point are called as: Concurrent forces

85. _______ wavy line shows that the word is repeated in MS WORD. Red

86. Page up key is used to move: one screen up 

87. What was the purpose of Auto-correct originally?
A. To replace repetitive words
B. To replace grammatically incorrect words
C. To replace misspellings
D. All of these 

88. Which key is used to insert hyperlink is MS Word? Ctrl+K

89. Headers and Footers are visible in:
A. Draft view B. Print layout view C. Page layout view D. None of these

90. A function in another function is called: Nested function

91. _______ function is used for creating tables in Excel. Table

92. Where do the negative numbers appear in accounting styles? Parenthesis

93. Which symbol is used for division in Excel? A. /

94. Current data is entered with _____ in excel. Ctrl+ ;

95. Press ______ to start a presentation all over again from the beginning. F5

96. What will you do if you want to insert something that stays at the same position in every slide? Slide Master

97. How to select multiple sides in a presentation? Ctrl+ click on slide

98. Press ______ to repeat find in Power Point? Shift+F4

99. Which tab displays the content of slide in normal view? View

100. _______ is the complete information about a database. Data
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