FPSC Custom Inspector 25 April 2019 Batch 3 Test | Original Paper

FPSC Custom inspector/ intelligence Officer (BS- 16) Paper Batch 3 Paper conducted by FPSC on 25 April 2019. The following questions were asked in today paper of Custom Inspector.

1. They cooked good food
a) Active
b) passive
c) indirect

2. The lion was killed
b) Passive 

3. The house was painted
a) Active
b) Passive
c) direct

4. This pen is not working
a) Active
b) passive
c) Affirmative
d) Direct

5. ______ you stepped on my foot
a) Oh!
b) Ouch!
c) Ah!

6. _______ we win the match
a) wow!
b) Hey!
c) Hurrah!

7. Nearest planet to earth
a) Venus
b) mercury
c) mars

8. Which space ageny lauched a satellite for artifical meteor shower.

9. Meaning of AL-HUJARAT
a) name of lady
b) lady
c) Rooms

10. Let the door be open
a) Active
b) passive
c) direct

11. Planet easily visible.from earth
a) venus 
b) mars
c) jupitar

12. Shortcut key to check spelling in EXCEL
a) F7
b) F8
c) F9

13. Which shortcut keys are used to correct spellings and grammar mistakes ?
(A) f7
(B) Alt+F7
(C) Ctrl+f7
(D) None of the above.

14.First president of pakistan
a) choudry muhammad ali
b) iskindar mirza 
c) muhammad ghulam

15. he lost his balance______fell
a) so
b) and
c) none

16. The merger of FATA with kp is ?
A) 24th amendment
b) 25th amendment
c) 26th amendment
d) 23rd amendment .

17. S.Unit of Current= Ampere

18. GPS stands for Global Positioning System

19. oxidation involves: loss of electrons

20. 1st khilafat committee? 23 Nov 1919

21. Bait e rizwan took in which hijri? 6th hijri

22. One light year is equal to? 9.5 x 10 power 12 km

23. Kot dijji in which province? Sindh

24. Safeguard of earth? Jupiter

25. 1st women prime minister of pakistan? Benazir bhutto

26. founder of islamia college? Sahibzada Abdul Qayum

27. Which of the following is valid version of MS Office? Ans Office 2007

28. Which file is responsible for starting MS Word? winword.exe

29. Portrait and Landscape are ____?
(A) Page Orientation (B) Paper Size (C) Page Layout (D) None of

30. First nuclear plant is being set up in UAE by which Country ? Korea

31. Hazrat Jibrail came in front of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in the shape of which Sahabi?

32. Namaz e Khasoof is offered at the time of ____?  Lunar Eclipse

33. How many planets are visible from earth with naked eye? Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

34. Sun is ____? Star

35. Which Country provided Aid of $2.3 Billion to Pakistan in February ?

36. Name the planet which is moving around the sun with highest speed ? Mercury

37. Which Information Technology company is going to invest $300 Million in Local Journalism for promoting local news? Facebook

38. 39/x= 18/6 find the value of x? 13

39. Guest Countries in BRIC Summit ?
Turkey and Argentina

40. LCM of 12, 15, 24,30 120

41. 20/7 = 80/x find x value ? 28

42. pakistani envoy in China to receive silk road award ? Khalid masood

43. Sultan Abdullah is the 16th king of ? Qatar

44. Arab economic social development summit 2019 held in? Lebonan

45. Pakistan exchange prisoners in Jan? Uk

Submitted by: Asan Mcqs

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